Bond Considerations in Virginia Gun Cases 

Granting someone bond in a Virginia gun case depends on a number of different factors, such as whether or not that individual is a danger to the public or considered a flight risk. In order to be considered a danger to the public under law in Virginia, a judge will consider the issue of bond, whether at an arraignment or at a formal bond motion. Contact a capable Virginia gun attorney today to learn more about bond considerations in Virginia gun cases.

Court Variables

First, courts will consider whether the person proceeds themselves to be a risk to the public. Second, they will consider whether or not the person presents a flight risk. For a bond consideration in Virginia gun cases, there are a few factors that the courts look at when determining whether or not that person is a flight risk. One of them is the charge itself and how much time the person might face. If a person faces misdemeanor time or a small amount of felony time, most judges might think that the defendant could flee the area.

Risk to the Public

A gun charge is considered to be a crime of violence. There will likely be a presumption against a bond, which means that through the lawyer, the defendant will have to overcome a presumption that says that they are not safe in public. If it is not a presumption charge, then the lawyer can argue that the person is not a risk unless they have a lengthy criminal or violent history. Under those circumstances, the court might also make a finding that the person presents a risk to the public and not offer a bond at all.

Flight Risk

However, if the person faces a very lengthy prison sentence or mandatory minimum time, that makes a judge consider the possibility that the person might not show up for court. Another variable the court always considers is whether or not the person is local to the area in which they have been charged and how integrated they are with the community.

If the person is in town visiting from another state and has no real ties to the community, it is more likely that the person might not be there for the trial as opposed to if the person is local to the jurisdiction where the person lives and works. Flight risk is an important factor in bond considerations in Virginia gun cases.

Contacting an Attorney

Gun charges are serious and no one should take on any level of gun charge on their own because they risk severe penalties. The state might sentence harsh a jail time, which might be for years and years. Some of these charges are felonies and some of them are misdemeanors, but all of them are serious. Gun charges in Virginia should not be taken lightly by anyone. If a person has a crime which involves a gun and the person does not hire an attorney, the person might experience major issues.

However, hiring a qualified Virginia gun attorney comes with its rewards. They are experienced in Virginia gun cases and know how to mitigate a situation for the best outcome. Contact a lawyer today.