Dale City Criminal Lawyer

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If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you understand that your freedom and your reputation are at stake. Both misdemeanor and felony offenses carry the potential for significant fines, incarceration in jail or prison, and stringent probation terms that can restrict your rights and privileges. If you are convicted, you face not only legal consequences but also personal ramifications, including potential problems with employment, student status and educational opportunities, and personal relationships. Being charged with a crime can be overwhelming. It is important to seek experienced legal counsel from a Dale City criminal lawyer equipped to successfully handle your defense. A criminal defense attorney can offer sound legal advice and vigorous defense against a range of misdemeanor and felony charges.

Hiring Legal Representation

It is wisely said that he who represents himself in court has a fool for his client. By hiring an experienced Dale City criminal defense attorney to handle your case, you give your defense the experience necessary for a successful outcome. The potential consequences of a criminal conviction are too serious to be taken lightly. Misdemeanors in Virginia, such as first-offense driving under the influence (DUI), reckless driving or drug possession charges, are considered “lesser” crimes under the law, but can still result in hefty fines and jail terms for the convicted person.  Some felony charges, meanwhile, may result in a lifetime behind bars.

Whatever the level of the offense you are being charged with, you deserve the best possible protection of your rights and freedom. A Dale City criminal lawyer is a dedicated professional committed to providing quality legal services to clients in Dale City and throughout Prince William County. In his many hours of courtroom experience, he has demonstrated continued success in representing defendants in misdemeanor and felony criminal cases.

Types of Offenses

Dale City criminal lawyers are defense attorneys who represent individuals charged with misdemeanor and felony crimes. Our office offers diligent and aggressive representation to criminal defendants charged with violating Virginia law, including cases of:

Whether you are charged with petty theft after a first offense of shoplifting or you are facing serious felony drug charges, an attorney can provide aggressive defense options tailored specifically to your case. He will closely advise you of the pros and cons of potential defense strategies and work to bring about the best possible outcome for your situation.

Find a Dale City Criminal Defense Attorney

When you need a criminal lawyer in Dale City, Virginia, our team offers a confidential, no-risk consultation to help you understand the case against you and the services we can provide. We can capably represent you before a district court judge at the Prince William General District Court located at 9311 Lee Avenue in Manassas, providing careful defense with the determination to bring about a positive resolution under the circumstances of the case.