Prosecution of Gun Cases in Virginia

If an individual is facing a gun charge in Virginia, they should contact an attorney as soon as possible. If they are charged with a gun offense, they should expect vigorous prosecution, so they need to talk to a lawyer who can explain to them not only the laws of the state, but also the common practices and tendencies of the prosecutors in the jurisdiction in which they have been charged.

An attorney will tell them all that they need to know about the prosecution of gun cases in Virginia, including what to expect when they go to court and what defenses might be present. An attorney may give them some things to do before going to court to help mitigate what may happen to them if it turns out the government can prove their case.

An experienced Virginia gun lawyer can help them every step of the way, whether it be trying the case, defending the case, or negotiating the case down to a favorable plea agreement.

Elements of a Gun Charge

Prosecutors and officers treat gun charges in Virginia more seriously, and the primary reason for that is the proliferation of mass shootings that have occurred across the country over the last decade or so. Because of this, prosecutors and police officers are more in tune with the gun laws and are enforcing them more harshly.

The two most common elements that are typically contested in a gun case are intent and possession. In possession cases, the issue of possession, particularly if the government is alleging constructive possession as opposed to actual possession, can be a contested issue during the prosecution of a gun case in Virginia.

Knowledge of the Prosecution

Every jurisdiction has a commonwealth attorney’s office and every commonwealth attorney’s office has its own unique culture and way of doing things. The most important thing a person needs to know is that what is true in Fairfax might not be true in Prince William, and what is true in Prince William might not be true in Stafford and so on.

There is a lack of consistency across the jurisdictions of Virginia in terms of how these cases are dealt with, so a person needs to contact a local attorney who is intimately familiar with the specific jurisdiction in which they are charged. In order to get the specific answers necessary about how the prosecutors are likely to prosecute a gun case in Virginia, an individual should contact a lawyer.

Hearing the Case

Virginia is broken down into counties just like every other state. By way of an example, if a person is charged with a gun offense in Prince William County, then they will be charged in Prince William County and they will be prosecuted at the courthouse in Prince William County.

An individual should contact an experienced attorney to understand the elements surrounding the prosecution in the particular county that they have been charged. This will allow them to be best prepared for the prosecution of their specific gun case in Virginia.