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Not all criminal charges assessed in Virginia are prosecuted by the state legal system. Those offenses that cross state boundaries, or those that violate not only Virginia law but also the criminal code of the United States, are likely to be handled in federal court. Federal criminal charges are almost all felonies, and prosecutions are backed up by evidence gathered by highly-focused agencies of the U.S. government, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and many others. The punishments for those convicted frequently involve federal prison sentences. Because of this, it is recommended that anyone accused of a federal crime enlist the services of a legal team with experience taking on U.S. prosecutors. With the skills of an intelligent, dedicated Virginia federal criminal lawyer, you can craft the most reliable strategy available to meet the accusations against you.

Below are some of the more common federal criminal charges, against which a seasoned criminal defense attorney can provide strong representation.


18 U.S. Code Chapter 47 outlines the federal crime of fraud. There are many different types of fraud, but a large portion of what is called “white collar crime” is comprised of fraud, including tax fraud, bankruptcy fraud, mail and wire fraud, insurance fraud, and identity theft. White collar crimes get their name from the white collars of business people who typically wear business suits to work. Fraud crimes are generally nonviolent and are characterized by the unlawful gain of money or valuables. White collar criminal cases involving fraud require not only an experienced legal team, but one with the knowledge and skillset to parse through, understand, and then build a case based on complex financial information, forensic accounting, and an understanding of finance law.

Furthermore, as with other federal offenses, an individual charged with a fraud-related federal crime will be prosecuted by federal agencies with vast resources at their disposal. This is another reason why it is absolutely vital to contact a Virginia federal criminal attorney as soon as possible so your legal team can begin strategizing and building a strong case for you.

Sex Crimes

There are several sex crimes that qualify for federal prosecution including:

  • Sex trafficking
  • Solicitation of a minor

If you have been charged with any of these federal crimes, please contact a federal criminal lawyer today. Federal offenses often carry heavier penalties than the same offense under state law, which means your freedom is very much at stake. Furthermore, it is likely you will be facing a federal prosecutor backed by federal agencies with many more resources at their disposal than their Commonwealth counterparts. Even if you only think you could be under investigation for a federal crime, contact a Northern Virginia federal criminal attorney to be safe. He or she can provide information about what the arrest process is like and what government agencies may be involved.

In addition, sex crimes are particularly brutal convictions because from then on, one is forced to enroll in the sex offender registry. Aside from the socially unpleasant aspects of the stigma associated with having a sex offense conviction on your record, it can also affect your employability and even where you are permitted to buy a home.

Other White Collar Crimes

Aside from fraud, there are other federal crimes that fall under the broad category of white collar crime. These include:

  • Money Laundering
  • Insider Trading
  • Bribery
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Kidnapping

These federal offenses can be particularly hard to combat because the federal agencies investigating usually spend a great deal of time collecting a wealth of information before they actually bring charges against someone. However, federal agencies do make mistakes and an experienced, skilled federal criminal lawyer will know how to capitalize on such mistakes to get evidence improperly obtained (or otherwise tainted) thrown out.

In addition, as stated before, skilled federal criminal lawyers handling cases like these must have the knowledge and background to understand and implement financial information in building a strong case for your defense.

Regardless of the federal charges you may be facing, call and speak with a NoVa federal criminal lawyer to discuss the arraignment and indictment process in further detail.

Contact a Virginia Federal Criminal Attorney Today

As mentioned above, federal crimes are often complex and involve a number of resourceful entities handling the investigation and fierce U.S. prosecutors in court. Federal criminal offenses must be taken very seriously as they often carry much harsher penalties than state-level crimes. If you are in Virginia and are facing charges for a white collar crime or other federal offense, it is extremely important that you contact a Virginia federal criminal attorney to answer any questions you may have. Our legal team has the necessary skills and experience with federal criminal cases to provide you with the legal counsel you need.

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