Ammunition for Guns in Virginia

There are specific laws in Virginia that regulate the sale, possession, and use of firearms and ammunition. For example, there may be certain restrictions prohibiting individuals who have ever been convicted of a felony from access to ammunition in Virginia. If a person is ineligible to purchase a weapon in Virginia, generally, they are ineligible to purchase ammunition.

If you are trying to purchase ammunition, it is important to stay updated on the current regulations in Virginia. If you are charged with a violation regarding ammunition for guns in Virginia, you should contact an experienced gun attorney right away. An attorney will walk you through the steps needed to build a defense to your charges.

Ammunition Regulations

As long as an individual is not prohibited by law to purchase ammunition, they can go to a variety of shops and sellers in Virginia to purchase ammunition.

If a person unlawfully possesses ammunition for guns in Virginia, then it could be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the surrounding details of a case. In addition to legal consequences, such as fines or incarceration, the state is going to be seeking for forfeiture of those pieces of property.

Individuals should also consider and take care in how they store their firearms and their ammunition.

Traveling With Ammunition

If a person is planning to travel from one state to another, the person needs to be familiar with the laws regarding ammunition for guns in Virginia and in the state that they are traveling through in order to make sure that the person is not violating their laws. Within Virginia, a person is allowed to travel with ammunition as long as they are allowed to own that ammunition.

There is generally no exception to prohibited individuals traveling with ammunition unless they file a petition with the circuit court in the county in which they reside to restore their rights to gun ownership.

Possible Consequences

The penalties an individual will face depend on the circumstances of the allegation. If a person is carrying, for instance, a shotgun shell in their trunk and the person did not know it was there, and the person does not own any weapons, the penalties will not be as serious. The consequences would be more serious if, for example, the person is in possession of a fully loaded firearm while traveling.

Law Enforcement Approach

If a person is legally permitted in Virginia to own ammunition, the person is legally permitted to travel with that ammunition anywhere in the state, as long as it is not a gun free zone or some other type of place that prohibits such things. Assuming this is the natural public property, the person is allowed to have ammunition on those places.

The severity with which law enforcement treats the unlawful possession and transportation of ammunition depends on why the person is not allowed to own the ammunition.

How an Attorney Can Help

A person needs to familiarize themselves with the local laws to make sure that they are not otherwise prohibited from purchasing and possessing ammunition for guns in Virginia. Ignorance of the law is not a valid defense. Whether or not the defendant was aware of breaking any statutes, they can be charged. Therefore, working with a lawyer to better understand the requirements for traveling with ammunition and possessing ammunition for guns in Virginia will be extremely helpful.

Contacting a Virginia gun attorney is imperative if you want to try and fight the charges you face. An attorney in Virginia that has experience with laws regarding ammunition for guns in Virginia is the most beneficial person to contact in this situation.