Virginia Gun Arraignments 

Virginia gun arraignments can be complex. Once a person is arrested for a Virginia gun charge, the person is taken to the magistrate, and then they are booked in jail, assuming the person does not get a bond right away. Afterward, the person is evaluated in terms of mental health and medical health. The location in which the person is placed must be determined at least for the short term and eventually for the long term. The attorney will try to get the person out on bond sometime before the person is placed in a sort of permanent holding or before the person is placed in general population. Contact an experienced and professional Virginia gun attorney for more information regarding gun arraignments.

After Arrest

The person can contact another person outside of jail if they get a free phone call. If the person is not going to call a family member or a bondsman, it would be a good idea to contact a Virginia gun attorney. During a Virginia gun arraignment, most people do not contact their family members because it can slow the legal process down. Many family members also call an attorney right away if they know someone going through a Virginia gun arraignment.

Arraignment Process

An arraignment for gun charges in Virginia is different than it is in many other jurisdictions. An arraignment is an advising hearing where the judge consults with the defendant about what it is that they are charged with, informs the person that they have the right to an attorney, and notifies the person of their court date.

On rare occasions, a judge will consider the issue of bond right then and there but in general, because a Virginia gun arraignment is an advisement hearing, it is considered a non-adversarial proceeding. A non-adversarial proceeding means the prosecutors not going to be in the room for a lot of the time.

If the prosecutors are there to weigh in on whether or not the bond is appropriate then the court is not going to proceed with issuing a bond without hearing from the government first. A person will have the opportunity to consult with their lawyer about whether or not they are going to be given a bond at their arraignment. A gun attorney can file a bond motion, which is usually heard the day following an arraignment.

Important Factors

An arraignment is considered to be a non-adversarial proceeding. Without the prosecutors present, the person is advised of their rights, what it is that they are charged with, and they are given their court date. During the Virginia gun arraignment, there is not a lot for the judge to consider. Most of the preliminary interaction with the judge and the defendant is purely logistical.

Hiring a Virginia Gun Attorney

Hiring a qualified Virginia gun attorney who is experienced in gun cases and the process of a Virginia gun arraignment is imperative. A gun charge can be complicated and a person may or may not know their rights. For assurance and proper legal guidance during a gun proceeding, contact a gun attorney today.