Fauquier County Criminal Attorney

Rarely does anyone roll out of bed and decide to get arrested for a crime. Even if charges never materialize, just being accused of or investigated for a crime can be a startling and unpleasant experience. But mistakes happen. Whether you’re innocent and have been mistakenly caught up in a bad situation, or you’ve violated the law and are looking to mitigate the damages, acquiring the services of a Fauquier criminal lawyer should be a top priority.

Our defense attorneys in Fauquier County, Virginia, have dealt with a wide range of criminal charges. They are well-practiced in defending misdemeanors and felonies of all kinds in court. Whether you’re facing assault charges or got pulled over and are facing a DUI charge, you need to do your due diligence and protect your future by acquiring the services of a lawyer. Even a traffic violation that would normally think was no big deal can be categorized as “reckless driving,” and will require you to appear in criminal court. Even the most seemingly minor of criminal charges deserves to be taken seriously, as they can affect your personal and professional future. The services of a committed defense lawyer can make sure you’re rights are protected and that you are well prepared for the charges you face.

Criminal Offenses

A variety of circumstances will determine the severity of the penalties you may face, the type of charge levied against you, and the best criminal defense strategy. You may be wondering: should I fight the charges? Or maybe you’re thinking you should just make a deal with the prosecution? You shouldn’t make these decisions on your own. Only a qualified defense attorney with experience defending criminal charges and working with Fauquier County prosecutors can give the information you need to make such important and potentially life-altering decisions.

Even if it’s a minor charge, such as a traffic violation, a guilty plea could mean a suspended license or worse. None of these decisions are ones that should be taken lightly. Call a Fauquier criminal attorney to talk about the specifics of your charges and learn your options. Our team has experience defending people facing all kinds of criminal charges, including:

DUI Defense in Fauquier County

Like most jurisdictions in Northern Virginia, law enforcement takes drunk driving incredibly seriously. Driving under the influence, drinking alcohol and then getting behind the wheel, is an area of criminal behavior that has been thoroughly demonized in public discourse, but that millions of Americans admit to doing every year. DUI laws have gotten stricter and stricter over the decades, and cops are under continual pressure to bring in drivers for DUI violations. If you are arrested for a DUI, your conviction is not a sure fire thing. The police may have made a mistake, or if this is a first-time offense, a lawyer may be able to bargain down the charges to a lesser offense. Even if you think your case is a definite win for the prosecution, a DUI arrest doesn’t have to ruin a reputation. A Fauquier criminal lawyer can work to protect your criminal exposure, so you can keep your personal and profession reputation intact.

For a first-time offender, a DUI conviction in VA can result in up to a $2,500 fine and one year in jail. You may also be required to enroll in an alcohol awareness program, and in order to continue operating your motor vehicle you may be mandated to install an ignition interlock system, which requires you to blow in to a Breathalyzer device before your vehicle will start. But it is possible to avoid the most serious consequences if you have a solid defense from an experienced criminal lawyer. Call our office today to discuss your options and learn about effective DUI defense services in Fauquier County. Our criminal attorneys have lots of experience fighting for favorable outcomes for clients who are facing DUI charges.

Drug Charges

If you’ve been arrested for drugs in the Commonwealth of Virginia, a lot of worries, doubts, and questions may be running through your head. You may be worried about how a drug charge and a potential criminal record will affect your personal and professional life—how it will affect your future. Of course, drug charges can arrive in variety of forms—misdemeanors or felonies—each charge carrying a variety of punishments. All of them should be taken seriously, and none them should be handled without the straight-forward and informed advice of an experience Fauquier criminal lawyer.

A drug lawyer, with considerable experience fighting criminal charges in the courtroom, is your best line of defense against a drug charge. An attorney can analyze the details of your drug case and make sure your rights and protected throughout the criminal justice process. Even the evidence against the accused is strong, and the case looks hopeless for the defendant, a Fauquier criminal defense lawyer can look for creative ways to work with prosecutors to minimize his or her client’s criminal consequences. Drug charges are regularly overcharged by zealous prosecutors anxious for a notch on the belt. But you can count on our team to gather the relevant evidence and find the best way to protect your rights and your best interests in the court of law.

Benefits of a Fauquier Criminal Attorney

Conviction of any kind of criminal charge can be an intimidating prospect, one most people don’t want or expect to fathom. In the wake of a conviction, the consequences can be both immediate and long-lasting. Along with the chance of jail time, a criminal charge could mean hefty fines, probation, restrictions on driving and other privileges, as well as lost opportunities due to failed background checks. Don’t leave your personal free and professional future to chance and try to take on a complex criminal justice system on your own. Contact a Fauquier criminal lawyer today to get dedicated legal counsel. Our attorneys are ready and waiting to discuss the details of your case with you. Call today for a free consultation.