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Absorbing the many complexities of Virginia criminal law is lengthy and daunting task—one not to be attempted on a time crunch or a whim. If you find yourself in trouble with the law, facing the potential wrath of the Fairfax County criminal justice process, it’s important that you have a Fairfax criminal lawyer with a solid grasp of the law and extensive courtroom experience. Both juveniles and adults can find themselves facing a wide array of criminal charges in Fairfax, misdemeanor or felony—drug, assault, traffic violations, or other charges. The Fairfax criminal defense attorneys on our team have seen and defended against many of these charges. If you are facing any of these charges, contact a Fairfax criminal lawyer today.

When you are facing criminal charges in Fairfax County, it’s important to have a partner in the process. Having an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney like Donna Murphy on your side can provide you with the opportunity to present a strong, aggressive, and thorough defense to preserve your rights and freedom.

Types of Criminal Charges in Fairfax

Criminal charges include things such as shoplifting or theft, reckless driving, assault and battery, drug offenses, possession of drugs or alcohol or a DUI and DWI. When you have an attorney on your side, they can create effective strategies that will help you obtain the best possible outcome for your specific situation. A criminal defense attorney in Fairfax can effectively defend against a range of criminal charges in Fairfax, VA including:

A Fairfax Criminal Lawyer is a Partner, Not a Boss

The fact is that no matter your age, your experience dealing with the criminal justice system, or the severity of your charge, facing criminal charges can be frightening and overwhelming. You need to find the services of a criminal defense attorney that will work for you and your case. No matter if you are a juvenile or adult, having proper representation can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case.

The defense strategies that are developed are unique to each individual client and their specific situation. Our team of criminal defense attorneys use their strength of experience and legal knowledge to weigh all the options with you and find ways to minimize your criminal exposure and mitigate the potential legal consequences of your charge. You will have a defense team, not telling you what to do, but working with you in order to determine the best actions to take. While your attorney’s will make recommendations, the final decision will lie with you and all of the risks, options and benefits of each proposed action will be thoroughly explained. Our lawyers understand.

Fairfax County, VA

Comprised of several bustling cities and communities, including Fairfax City, Herndon, and Tysons Corner, Fairfax County is one of the most populous and well-to-do jurisdictions in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Washington metropolitan area. Part of the growing region of Northern Virginia, its economy is anchored by a number of significant federal intelligence agencies, including the CIA, as well as several fortune 500 companies, including Capital One. The well-educated, well-employed county enjoys a high quality of life, and law enforcement and other public safety officials in Fairfax work hard to keep it that way. If you get wrapped up in criminal charges, protect your personal and professional future, let at Fairfax criminal defense attorney defend your rights and fight for your best interests. For more information on Fairfax, check out these facts gathered on the county by the US Census Bureau.

Fairfax County Courthouses

Three criminal justice processes in Fairfax, Virginia is facilitated by three main courts within the county, the Fairfax Circuit Court, the Fairfax General District Court, and the Fairfax Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court. The main courthouse is stands at 4110 Chain Bridge Road. If you’re facing criminal charges in Fairfax, your case will most likely be handled by the District Court, which handles the majority of misdemeanors, traffic infractions, and preliminary felony hearings. For more information on the Fairfax court system, visit their website.

Defending Cases of DWI/DUI

When you are charged with a DUI or DWI in Fairfax, it is essential that you understand the laws that will regulate your case. An attorney will provide a significant investigation in order to provide an efficient defense for your case. In order to pull you over in Virginia for suspicion of criminal activity, the police have to have a valid reason, such as weaving in and out of traffic, tailgating, traffic violations, drifting into the other lain or abrupt turns.

However, even when a car is stopped, the police have to have a reason, or probable cause to arrest a person for drunk driving. This is when a field sobriety test may be administered, or a breath test. When arrested, the driver will be asked to take a breath test with the Intox EC/IR II machine is offered. If this test is refused, it will result in an additional charge; however any driver that blows a .15 or higher, on a first time DUI offense, will be subject to a mandatory period of jail time between five to 10 days. This penalty may be more severe than the refusal penalty, which is a one year license loss for any first offense.

Beating a Traffic Offense in Fairfax County

In many cases, you will not obtain the services of an attorney for traffic tickets or traffic crimes. But even with no prior violations, a traffic conviction can lead to larger penalties later on, including increased insurance rates. In fact, if you are charged with reckless driving, it will remain on your record for 11 years. Some offenses such as driving with a suspended license or reckless driving may lead to jail time if you have more than one conviction. No matter if you are facing a felony, misdemeanor or a traffic citation, having an attorney on your side can reduce the charges that you face.

Shoplifting and theft

If you are facing charges of misdemeanor or felony shoplifting or theft, you can face jail or prison time. Any time you steal goods that are worth more than $200 in Virginia, it is considered a felony offense and can face a prison sentence of 20 years. A criminal defense attorney will be there to protect your rights and ensure you are not overcharged to the crime.

Drug crimes

If you are charged with a drug crime in Virginia the consequences may lead to prison or jail, fines, probation, drug rehabilitation and even suspension of your license. If it is your first offense, a professional criminal defense attorney will work to get the charges reduced or dropped completely. Experience is key in these situations when you face any type of drug charge including possession, distribution, and possession with the intentions to distribute or manufacturing.

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Even if you feel your case is open and shut, it’s in your best interests to seek defense counsel when faced with the prospect of going to court for criminal charges. Don’t assume that the system will treat you fairly. An honest and hard-working criminal defense lawyer in Fairfax County can make sure your armed with all the information relevant to your case, so together you can make an informed decision about how to approach your situation.

If hired, Defense Attorney Donna Murphy will do his best to find a positive outcome for your case. He will listen to your questions, and help you find peace of mind during a difficult situation. A Fairfax, Virginia criminal attorney can represent your case with the utmost professionalism and dedication. He will gather evidence and ensure that every opportunity to minimize the impact of your charges is taken. Call today to discuss the details of your case and learn about your options moving forward.

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