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While some people might think that being accused of an act of academic misconduct or a violation of a college’s code of conduct is not as big of a deal as a criminal accusation, they overlook an important fact: A conviction for an act of alleged misconduct in college hamstrings a student’s professional life from the very start. Overcoming this setback is not easy.

Hiring a Virginia student defense lawyer to represent you at the misconduct hearing is often the best way to make sure an allegation of misconduct does not turn into a finding of a violation of your college’s code of conduct. Your future is at stake – retaining a lawyer’s representation is a strong investment in it.

Academic and Sexual Misconduct

Two of the most serious kinds of allegations that a student in Virginia can face are for academic misconduct and for sexual misconduct. A Northern Virginia student defense attorney could help defend against either one.

Academic misconduct allegations include claims that a student broke their college’s code of conduct or code of academic integrity. These allegations often include claims of:

  • Plagiarizing a graded paper
  • Stealing another student’s work and passing it off as their own
  • Cheating on a test by using unauthorized materials
  • Forging or altering official school documents, like a transcript

Academic misconduct allegations are serious not only because they can get a student expelled from school. They are also serious because they often end up on a student’s transcript, should they suffer another penalty and be allowed to graduate.

That mark on a student’s academic record can prove a difficult one to overcome as they move into the working world and compete with hundreds of others for competitive positions with employers who are looking to eliminate prospective candidates.

Sexual Offenses

Sexual misconduct allegations, however, may be even worse than those for academic misconduct. Sexual misconduct accusations include for things like stalking, rape, or harassment on a college campus.

These accusations trigger a federal law, Title IX, which prohibits sexual discrimination in the higher education setting. Title IX pressures all colleges that receive federal funding to enforce their rules against sexual misconduct. This pressure often comes at the expense of an accused student’s due process rights.

Retaining the skills of a student defense lawyer in NoVa could ensure that an accused student’s side of the story is heard.

Misconduct Hearing

Most students who have been accused of violating their college’s code of conduct do not hire a lawyer. Instead, they go into the misconduct hearing on their own. However, the hearing panels that determine misconduct cases are not filled with experienced judges.

Instead, they are filled with inexperienced staff and faculty members, and sometimes even other students. This inexperience shows itself in a propensity to fall for irrelevant evidence or claims that lack credibility.

When the panel does this, innocent students who were counting on the hearing to show their innocence can find themselves in a difficult position.

Talk to a Virginia Student Defense Attorney Today

If you have been accused of an act of academic or sexual misconduct in violation of your school’s code of conduct, hiring a lawyer can be the best move you can make. The hardships that come from having a blemish on your academic record are significant and can drastically impair your ability to move from college into the professional world.

Reach out to a Virginia student defense lawyer today for the legal representation you need to beat these charges.

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