Gun Laws in Virginia 

Gun laws in Virginia are strictly enforced all around the state. Every jurisdiction has their own way of doing things in the Commonwealth of Virginia, but gun laws are taken very seriously. They are often enforced by a police officer that seizes even a hint of a possible violation of any kind of gun law and that person can be brought to court on gun-related charges regardless of whether they are felony or misdemeanor charges.

The person should expect that the government is going to vigorously prosecute the person, so they should be ready with an experienced attorney who is well versed on legal matters.

Changes in Gun Laws in Virginia

There have been changes in gun laws in Virginia. There have been reports about whether Virginia will allow a non-Virginia citizen who has a concealed carrying permit in another state to carry the concealed weapon in Virginia.

For example, if a person has a concealed carry permit from Wisconsin, the question is whether or not the person allowed to carry a concealed weapon in Virginia. The answer as of spring 2017 is yes. An individual is allowed to carry a weapon in a concealed manner if the person has a concealed carry permit from another state.

Every person traveling to Virginia who holds a concealed carry permit from another state should verify that the law has stayed the same because if the person is caught carrying a concealed weapon in Virginia without a valid permit, that is something that can be prosecuted vigorously.

Other Ways Virginia Gun Laws Could Change

Virginia has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, however, some of the ways gun laws in Virginia could change could deal with background checks and things that make it easier or harder for a person to buy a gun. The laws will likely not change in regards to the eligibility of buying guns, that is, if a person has a prior conviction or another disqualifying event to prevent the person from being able to buy a gun.

Though it is becoming more difficult to change gun laws based on unfortunate shootings nationwide. The national trend is making it more difficult for previously law-abiding people to get guns. If the laws were to change in Virginia, they would change in regards to these people.

Strict Virginia Gun Laws

A comparative analysis of Virginia laws versus those of the other 50 states puts Virginia somewhere in the middle in terms of how easy or hard it is to get a gun. In terms using a weapon in commission of a crime or having possession of a weapon when the person is not otherwise legally allowed to possess a weapon, Virginia gun laws are among the toughest in the country.

Hiring a Lawyer

A qualified Virginia gun lawyer can make all the difference in a gun case. If you do not know about Virginia gun laws, an attorney can assist you with what legal terminology and complexities you might need to know. Contact one today.