Quantico Student Defense Lawyer

When a student is charged with a crime or with violating their school’s code of conduct, they may face dramatic consequences. Criminal charges could put a student’s goals and future at risk. It is advisable to take allegations seriously and deal with them immediately with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Even if the police are not investigating a matter, the school may still investigate to determine if a student violated the code of conduct and act accordingly. These disciplinary hearings are separate from criminal proceedings, so experience handling such matters is advisable. A Quantico student defense lawyer could advise you on how to handle a disciplinary hearing as well as potential criminal charges.

Disciplinary Hearings

Schools have a low standard of proof for finding a student guilty. The government must prove a defendant committed each element of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt, whereas the school may create and implement their own standards.

A university may expel a student or inhibit them from pursuing jobs or higher education. Additionally, a ruling at a disciplinary hearing may have more negative consequences for a student.

Consequences handed down to a student may include:

  • Expulsion
  • Suspension
  • Eviction from student housing
  • Loss of scholarships
  • A loss of recommendations for education or employment opportunities
  • Prohibition from pursuing certain degrees or licenses

Legal Aid at a Disciplinary Hearing

Fortunately, an attorney’s involvement may impact the outcome of a school’s investigation. A student’s legal representative could help accused individuals adequately explain their side of the situation.

The outcome of a school investigation could change the course of a student’s future, but they are not allowed to have a lawyer represent them at the hearing. Instead, an attorney may advise the student and sit in the room with them as they defend themselves. Even just having a legal representative present could help the student feel secure as they proceed.

Whether they were wrongfully accused or wish to show they are taking responsibility for their actions, a Quantico student defense attorney who understands this process could help them determine the best legal strategy.

Commonly Cited Student Crimes

College is a time for students to explore and learn about themselves and their place in the world. However, this learning experience often places students in situations they have never faced before. Commonly cited student offenses include sex and drug-related crimes, underage drinking, driving while impaired, and assault and battery.

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Sometimes, students need to defend themselves against criminal accusations in disciplinary hearings. Commonly, schools have exceptionally low standards of proof for establishing a student’s guilt. This could prove disadvantageous to students who have allegedly committed a conduct violation. Every person should have the right to defend themselves through fair and open adjudication.

Regardless of the nature of your charges, a Quantico student defense lawyer could offer insight and guidance during the legal process. Learn more about your options and how to fight for a positive outcome by calling today and scheduling an appointment.