Quantico Speeding Lawyer

The speeding laws apply the same for drivers who live in the area or are just passing through. No driver may operate a vehicle faster than the posted speed limit. There tend to be stronger penalties when the driver is 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit, which could result in criminal charges.

No matter why a police officer may have issued you a ticket, it could be important to know what the possible penalties are beyond those posted on a ticket and how you may be able to deal with the matter.

Once you have received a citation for speeding, consider reaching out to a Quantico speeding lawyer to learn about hidden penalties. This could include points added to your driving record which may increase your driver’s insurance premiums. If the ticket states you were driving in a reckless manner, you may be at higher risk. Contact an experienced traffic attorney to learn about the different ways you could protect yourself.

Speeding Laws in Quantico

Speeding Violations

Section 46.2-878.3 of the Virginia Code states that the penalty for driving over the speed limit is $6 per mile-per-hour over the posted limit. There are special penalties for speeding in a school zone or highway work zone. On top of a lump fine, the court could also order the drive to pay a $7 per mile-per-hour over the posted limit fine. If a driver speeds in a residence area on a highway, the punishment is $200, plus $8 per mile-per-hour over the posted limit.

Reckless Driving

If a driver goes over 80mph or 20mph over any posted speed limit, they could be charged with reckless driving, which is found in Code of Virginia §46.2-862. It also involves any type of driving that puts others’ safety at risk, as noted in Code of Virginia §46.2-852.

Reckless driving is a Class 1 misdemeanor, which involves a minimum fine of $250, as described in Code of Virginia §46.2-868. A court could also put the driver in jail for up to one year and issue six points on the driver’s record. The court may also suspend the driver’s license for up to six months.

If the government had suspended the driver’s license and the driver’s operation of a vehicle caused another person to die, that is a Class 6 felony.

Improper Driving

If a person is charged with reckless driving and requests a trial, the court may find the driver was only a little guilty and the driver did not rise to the level of “reckless.” In that case, the Code of Virginia §46.2-869 states that the court may find the accused only committed improper driving. Improper driving is not a crime and is merely a traffic violation with a possible maximum penalty of $500.

How a Quantico Speeding Attorney Could Help

If the police have already pulled you over and issued you a ticket, make sure you understand what the ticket says. If it states reckless driving, be aware that a judge could put you in jail. Even if the ticket is only for regular spending, you could face raised premiums for your driver’s insurance.

If you decide to pay a ticket and not fight it, you may have unknowingly pled guilty to a crime and have a criminal record which may be difficult or impossible to expunge.

Contact a Quantico speeding lawyer to learn more about the options available to you and how you may be able to protect yourself. An attorney may understand the local rules and how the court operates. Call today to learn how best you can protect yourself and your right to drive.