Quantico Gun Lawyer

Gun laws in Quantico are a highly political issue because of how they implicate the Second Amendment rights of citizens. This political pressure does not just impact the passage of new laws; it also changes how the old ones are enforced.

Unfortunately, there are several different levels of gun regulations that Quantico residents need to be aware of. Talking to a Quantico gun lawyer can be essential if you have been accused of breaking one of these laws.

If you have not been accused of a crime but want to make sure you are complying with the state and local requirements, talking to a knowledgeable lawyer can be important, as well.

The Numerous Gun Laws in Quantico

Guns are regulated on several different levels. Federal law has one set of requirements, though they only impact large-scale issues like interstate commerce. State law has some broad regulations that deal with gun ownership and registration. Finally, local law has important rules about how and when Quantico can exercise their rights to own and use a firearm.

Regardless of the source of the law, though, a violation can be costly. Talking to a Quantico gun lawyer can be a good idea.

Concealed Carry Laws

An important aspect of gun ownership is the right to have a firearm in public. Under state law, possessing a hidden firearm in public requires a concealed carry permit in Quantico. While a concealed carry permit does not require state residency, it does require the gun owner to be over the age of 21 and to have completed a valid gun safety course.

Open Carrying a Weapon

Under state law, anyone over the age of 18 can prominently carry a firearm in Quantico.

However, there are important local restrictions to this right. Prince William County – which includes Quantico – requires a permit for certain types of assault weapons to be carried in public in the open. Covered weapons include shotguns, weapons designed to use a silencer or certain stocks, and firearms with large magazine capacities.

State Gun Crimes

In addition to the regulations dealing with carrying a firearm in public, there are also several important state laws. Some of these can be broken for simply possessing a firearm in private:

  • Discharging a firearm in a public place
  • Using a firearm during the commission of a crime
  • Brandishing a firearm in violation of a permit requirement
  • Illegal possession of a firearm by a felon

The penalties for these crimes depend on the circumstances and the nature of the charge. However, a defendant’s rights to own a firearm can potentially be revoked if they are convicted on the charge.

Stand Your Ground Law

Possibly the most sought-after information about gun laws in Quantico concerns the area’s law about self-defense with a deadly weapon – also known as the “stand your ground” law.

People in Quantico are allowed to use deadly force as a form of self-defense, and do not have to withdraw from an aggressor before doing so. However, the precise circumstances will determine if the use of a firearm in these situations was truly warranted as a form of self-defense.

Important contextual factors involve who was the initial aggressor, the type of force that was initially threatened, and the imminence of that threat.

A Quantico Gun Attorney Can Help Fight a Criminal Charge

Gun crimes and regulations are complex. Not only are there regulations covering numerous important aspects of owning and using a firearm, but there are even regulations coming from all different levels of government, as well. Violating any one of those regulations can be a crime that implicates your ability to use or even own a firearm in the future.

Talking with a Quantico gun lawyer can be an essential part of defending against an accusation that you broke the law. It can also be a wise use of time if you want to make sure you are exercising your rights within the law’s limitations.