Quantico Prostitution Attorney

A prostitution or solicitation arrest can leave you with numerous worries about your future. Retaining a Quantico prostitution lawyer is the best way to find answers to the questions you have about your arrest and subsequent charge.  An experienced defense attorney has the knowledge and experience to successfully answer your questions and offer you sound legal advice for making wise decisions about your case.

Prostitution Offenses in Quantico

Some people see prostitution as a victimless crime in which legislators attempt to govern morality.  These people push for the legalization of prostitution.  However, only one state makes allowances for prostitution as a part of the service industry; within that state, prostitution is legal in only a few select counties.  Virginia is one of the forty-nine states that legally prohibit prostitution and related offenses.

Prostitution, or the exchange of sexual services in return for money or compensation, is prosecuted as a Class I misdemeanor in Virginia.  As a misdemeanor, it is punishable by a fine of up to $2,500 and a maximum of one year in jail.

Solicitation of prostitution, or the attempt to engage in prostitution by offering the exchange of sex for money, is also a Class I misdemeanor.  Although physical or sexual contact does not need to occur in order for a solicitation charge to be filed, the consequences of conviction are the same as those for actively engaging in prostitution.

Pandering, or pimping, is the act of procuring a prostitute or receiving the earnings of a prostitute.  It is considered the most serious of prostitution-related offenses and is prosecuted as a Class 4 felony.  As such, pandering is punishable by a fine of up to $100,000 and a maximum of ten years in prison.

If you have been arrested for pandering, prostitution, or solicitation, you face serious legal and personal consequences that can have a devastating impact on your life.  Do not leave your defense to chance.  Retain a Quantico prostitution attorney for quality legal services that can bring your case to its best possible resolution.

Experienced Quantico Prostitution Lawyers

Though prostitution is said to be a victimless crime, often, those engaging in prostitution are victims themselves:  victims of abuse, addiction, joblessness, homelessness, human trafficking, or other tragic life situations that make them feel as if there is no other option.  Those arrested for soliciting prostitution may be the victims of mistaken identity, mistaken intent, entrapment, or even of their own lapsed judgment.  Regardless of the circumstances leading to your arrest, the best Quantico prostitution lawyers will carefully evaluate every detail of your case to develop the optimal defense strategy.

Building a Defense

Quantico prostitution and solicitation cases are generally heard before the Prince William General District Court, located at 9311 Lee Avenue in Manassas, Virginia.  Finding a defense attorney with the knowledge, experience, and resources to provide effective legal representation is paramount for your success.  When you need a well-qualified, reputable prostitution lawyer in Quantico, an attorney can provide the quality legal services and defense representation vital to your case.

Prostitution criminal lawyer defends clients throughout Prince William County, including Quantico.  If you or someone you love has been charged with solicitation or prostitution, an attorney can provide a free, confidential evaluation of your case.  Call today to schedule your no-risk consultation.