Quantico Conspiracy Lawyer

If you are facing conspiracy charges, you could be in significant legal jeopardy. By building a strong defense with help from a dedicated attorney, you could prevail at trial or see the charges against you dismissed. An experienced Quantico conspiracy lawyer could assist you through every stage of developing your defense.

Understanding Conspiracy Charges

A conspiracy charge must relate to some other offense, but not every case will involve a completed crime. It is not uncommon for a person to face charges for conspiracy to commit a crime that never occurred. These charges can bring serious consequences, whether or not a defendant is also facing charges for the underlying crime.

The elements of criminal conspiracy involve more than just an agreement between two or more people to break the law. The prosecutor must also demonstrate that a defendant took an overt act to further the underlying crime. Overt acts could include buying necessary materials or making other preparations. The important factor is whether the overt act moves the underlying crime forward.

Because of the variable nature of the underlying crime, the penalties for conspiracy can also differ. Typically, the steeper the penalty for the underlying crime, the more severe the punishment for conspiracy to commit that offense. In some cases, the facts of the case could increase the potential penalties. A common example of an aggravating factor is the use of violence in the commission of the underlying crime. A local attorney knowledgeable in conspiracy law could provide a better understanding of the potential penalties in a particular case.

Defenses in a Conspiracy Case

Facing an arrest for conspiracy does not guarantee a conviction. In many cases, a conspiracy attorney in the Quantico area could build a strong enough defense to convince the Commonwealth’s attorney to drop the charges. When this does not occur, it could still be possible to prevail at trial.

There are several potential winning defenses at a conspiracy trial. A defendant could argue that there was no affirmative step taken towards the underlying crime, or that the parties never agreed to the conspiracy in the first place. A defendant could also have a viable defense if law enforcement violated their constitutional rights during the course of an investigation. If police illegally searched or seized the defendant or their property, the court could bar any evidence collected.

One of the strongest defenses involves the defendant removing themselves from a conspiracy. It is not enough to enter a conspiracy and then refuse to take further action. However, if a defendant makes it clear to their co-conspirators that they refuse to participate in the agreement, that refusal could be a defense at trial. A nearby lawyer who has experience trying conspiracy cases could further explain possible defense strategies.

Reach out to a Quantico Conspiracy Attorney

Even if the conspiracy you are charged with involves a serious underlying crime, it may be possible to avoid a conviction. A qualified legal advocate could help you craft a strong defense strategy tailored to your unique circumstances.

Your chances of prevailing at trial could be increased by working with a Quantico conspiracy lawyer. Call right away to set up an initial consultation.