Fairfax Reckless Driving by Endangering Lives and Property Cases

Reckless driving by endangering lives and property is what is referred to as the general reckless statute. Any time a person operates their motor vehicle in a way that it endangers life or the property of anyone, they may be found guilty of reckless driving. If an individual wants to know more about Fairfax reckless driving by endangering lives and property cases and what the best defenses might be, they should consult an experienced reckless driving lawyer that could help.

Who Determines Whether Someone is Driving Recklessly?

Officers have the discretion to determine that for purposes of writing a person a summons. Almost any driving behavior the officer deems to be reckless or to endanger life or property is something they can write a summons for. That is a very different question, however, then their opinion and if it is going to be an opinion that the judge would share. It may be the case that even though the officer believes that this is true, a judge may not believe that it is true. Even though the person has been charged with something, their case may be dismissed.

Reckless Driving Charges

Reckless driving by endangering lives and property is a kind of reckless driving that is very commonly charged in most cases where there is an accident or where police observed what they believe to be dangerous driving behavior that does not fit neatly in one of the other discreet categories. General reckless driving may be charged under those circumstances.

The primary difference reckless driving by endangering lives is dealt with in court is what the government has to prove it. The other big difference is that general reckless driving very often, if handled properly, will be broken down to the traffic infraction of improper driving. That is something that happens far less frequently on a reckless speeding case, for example. It is a much more nebulous standard than the other very specific kinds of reckless driving. The judge has a lot more leeway to determine whether they think that the behavior of a driver endangered lifeline or property in Fairfax reckless driving by endangering lives and property cases.

Evidence in Reckless Driving Cases

In Fairfax reckless driving by endangering lives and property cases, more evidence is needed than just the officer’s opinion. Although officer testimony is going to be a big part of the government’s case, officers are not allowed to offer their opinions in court. Officers are only allowed to testify as to what they observed. At that point, it is going to be up to a judge to determine whether, in their opinion, the driving behavior threatens lifeline or property of any person.

Value of Working With a Fairfax Reckless Driving Lawyer

A conviction for reckless driving of any kind is going to cause a commercial driver’s license to be revoked. Any time a person is charged with this kind of reckless driving, they need to understand that their livelihood is potentially on the line in addition to the other penalties that they might face when charged with reckless driving. That is why it is important for those charged with reckless driving to work with a qualified defense attorney that has experience handling Fairfax reckless driving by endangering lives and property cases. A skilled lawyer could build a solid defense for you.