Reckless Driving Classes in Fairfax 

Following a reckless driving offense, you might be wondering what your next step should be. Your first step should be to get in touch with a skilled reckless driving lawyer. Your next step should be to look into reckless driving classes in Fairfax. Driving classes show that you are committed to change and may inspire the judge to be lenient when hearing your case. To learn more, contact a seasoned lawyer that can answer your questions.

Benefit of Taking a Driving Class

Taking reckless driving classes in Fairfax, in many cases, could help a person potentially avoid a conviction. However, it does not automatically cause a person to avoid a conviction. In Prince William, at certain speeds, even on a reckless driving, a person may complete a class to have their case be dismissed.

However, if a person is going fast enough or their record is bad enough, it does not matter how many reckless driving classes they do since it is not going to save them from the reckless driving conviction.

The benefit of taking a reckless driving class is that it shows that a person has done something proactive to make a person’s driving better. It also has the effect of producing driving points so the person gets a double benefit out of completing a driver improvement class.

Where Are Driving Classes Available?

Driving classes are available in Fairfax, all over Virginia, and online. For the most part, they are not expensive, not terribly time to consume, and fairly easy to complete.

If a person is an out-of-state driver and has a reckless driving charge in Virginia, Fairfax will accept a driving improvement certificate of completion from their home state. Anyone facing a reckless driving charge is should complete a driver improvement class.

Level of Commitment Required

The level of commitment expected for a driver improvement class varies based on the type of class and what the person hopes to get out of it. Some classes are in person and can take up to 12 hours. Others can be completed online in a matter of just a couple hours.

In the worst kinds of cases, it is important to do an in-person for a significant number of hours. In other cases, it is important simply to have the class completed. In many cases, neither the prosecutor nor the judge is going to look closely at what kind of driver improvement class was done.

Reasons to Work With a Fairfax Reckless Driving Attorney

There are two main reasons that someone should hire a lawyer for this kind of offense, especially since there are some distinct penalties that are harsh. The first one is that a person may end up with a criminal record. Most states’ speeding charges remain infractions. In Virginia, there are a variety of offenses that could stay on a person’s criminal record permanently, especially because there is no expungement in Virginia for convictions.

A second reason is that regardless of whether or not a person has a Virginia licensee, a conviction of a criminal reckless driving charge is their insurance company will find out about. When that happens, they can expect that their premium is going to spike, and in some cases, their insurance may be dropped. Even if it is not dropped, this will cost them thousands of dollars over a period of years before the rate goes back down again. That is why if an individual has been charged with reckless driving and they want to know how reckless driving classes in Fairfax could help their case, they should consult a knowledgeable attorney that can help.