Reckless Driving by a Vehicle Not Under Control in Fairfax

Failing to maintain proper control of the vehicle is an uncommon reckless driving charge. Reckless driving by a vehicle not under control in Fairfax is similar to a general dangerous driving offense, but if a person for whatever reason does not maintain control of their vehicle, they can be charged with this reckless endangerment offense. Should you face this accusation, contact an experienced reckless driving lawyer as soon as possible.

Common Legal Reasons For Failure to Control a Vehicle

If someone loses control of their vehicle for reasons that are entirely out of their control they may be found innocent of reckless driving by a vehicle not under control in Fairfax. However, there are a number of legal defenses they may potentially apply to their case. 

If there is a mechanical failure in the driver’s vehicle and it is not something that they can foresee, then that may constitute a legal excuse in their case. It is never going to be the case that their reckless driving is going to be attributable to a mechanic. In other words, they will not end up charged as a result of it. If there is a mechanical failure that the person has no reason foresee and is not unaware of, it may provide a defense in their case.

Impact of Faulty Breaks in a Reckless Driving Case

Any time a person gets into a vehicle, the law charges them with knowing what the condition of their vehicle is, including the condition of the brakes and other equipment. If a person’s brakes are inadequate or faulty, whoever is driving the vehicle is charged with knowing that, even if it is not their vehicle. To try avoiding a charge for reckless driving by a vehicle not under control in Fairfax a driver should try to be sure that they check their brakes regularly and keeps them properly maintained. They do not get out in the way that is going to cause an accident, which is the most common scenario when a person is going to be charged with reckless driving because the brakes are faulty.

What Do Vehicle Safety Inspections Typically Entail?

One of the things that happen during the safety inspection is that a person’s brakes are going to be tested. If a person’s brakes are not working during the safety inspection, that something that they are going to find out. If a person fails to get a safety inspection, then that is probably ignorance of whether or not their brakes are working. It is important to get inspections done every year. If a person does that, they are going to have a very strong idea of the conditions of their brakes.

Evidence Used in Failure to Maintain Control Trials

The two main kinds of evidence that are going to be presented in a case like this are going to be witness testimony, which may include the statements made by the defendant, and physical evidence, which would often be photographs, estimates, or repair reports from any accident that may have occurred.

How A Reckless Endangerment Lawyer Can Help

If someone is convicted of failure to control their vehicle, causes a commercial driver’s license to be revoked. One of the things that a CDL holder should be thinking about is that they have to take this case more seriously than anyone else, because in addition to the penalties that they might otherwise suffer and a criminal record, their livelihood may be on the line in the case like this.

Reckless driving by a vehicle not under control in Fairfax is different in the sense of what the government has to prove to convict a person. However, the seriousness of it and the potential consequences and penalties, it is identical.

Attorneys often try to gather as much evidence as they can to find every fact that may assist in defending the case. They may want a copy of the defendant’s driving record. An attorney may also suggest the individual participate in programs that can promote their reputation in the eyes of the court.