Reckless Driving by Accident in Fairfax

Reckless driving by accident is not considered a less severe form of reckless driving. Reckless driving by accident is one of many different kinds of reckless driving. All of them are serious offenses that could potentially result in jail time, significant fines, and the loss of driving of driving privileges. If you are facing consequences for reckless driving by accident in Fairfax, it can be critical to discuss your case with a qualified reckless driving attorney.

 Treatment of Reckless Driving By Accident in Fairfax

It is not accurate to say that every accident results in a reckless driving charge, but it is very common. In most jurisdictions, if there is any kind of significant damage or any injury as a result of the accident, it is the law enforcement’s policy that reckless driving charge can be written. They do this with the understanding that many times these charges will be reduced in court, but there is never a guarantee of that. Under the right set of factual circumstances, the accused may be convicted of general reckless driving. Reckless driving by accident in Fairfax is a serious criminal charge that potentially carries jail time and up to six months of license loss.

Legal Excuses for Collision Involvement

There are a number of excuses for being in an accident. Accidents are only considered criminal if they are caused by a person doing something that endangers themselves or others. Some collisions are truly accidents, and if that is the case, then the person is not going to be found guilty of reckless driving. If the accident was at the fault of another person, the government is not going to be able to make this case out, because it has to show that the accident was caused by recklessness. If it was caused by another person, they person is going to be found not guilty.

Reckless Driving by Accident vs. Reckless Driving by Speed

The difference between the reckless driving by speed and reckless driving by accident in Fairfax is what the government is required to prove in their case. In a reckless speeding charge, the government has to prove that someone was going the number of miles over the speed limit the individual was allegedly driving. In a reckless accident case, which is most frequently charged as general reckless driving, the government has to prove that the defendant operated their motor vehicle in a way that endangered the lifeline or property of someone else.

Defending Reckless Driving Offenses

The evidence in a reckless driving by accident case in Fairfax is considered as in-depth as it is in civil accident cases. When defending a general reckless case, attorneys often consider evidence such as police reports, witness statements, and related reports of vehicle mechanics in order to determine potential damage to the vehicle involved.

There are number of things that attorneys do to help with cases like this. The first is making sure that all of the evidence relevant in the case is preserved as early in the process as possible, including photographs of vehicles, photographs of injuries, reports of estimators, and even bills for repairs.

Potential Consequences for Commercial License Holders

A conviction of any kind of reckless driving typically causes the loss or revocation of the driver’s commercial license for a period of time. Cases involving reckless driving by accident in Fairfax should be taken seriously if you rely on a commercial driver’s license. In addition to the normal penalties that a person might expect, commercial license holders might potentially lose their job over a case of this nature. Therefore, someone facing reckless driving charges should consider the advice of an established lawyer.