Speedometer Calibration in Fairfax

Virginia law says that a defendant may have a qualified mechanic perform a speedometer calibration in Fairfax on their vehicle to determine whether there is a difference between what the speedometer shows and the speed that the vehicle was actually traveling, and that can be introduced in court as evidence that the person believed that they were traveling at a different speed. The difference between a person’s actual speed and their speedometer speed is something that they will receive the benefit of the doubt for. In some cases, it can be a complete defense to a reckless driving charge. An adept reckless driving lawyer can use the calibration of someone’s speedometer as a mitigating factor when they build a person’s defense. That is why it is important for individuals to seek experienced legal counsel that can advocate for them.

Getting a Speedometer Calibrated

Speedometer calibration in Fairfax can be very important in a case. It is important to know where to get one and what to ask for. Some people believe that what they should be doing is getting their speedometer repaired, and rather than have a calibration performed will simply have it fixed. Unfortunately, that is not helpful and destroys the evidence of what is wrong with the speedometer.

It is important to talk to an attorney and find out what exactly they need and where they can get it, so they do not make the mistake of fixing the speedometer when what they should be doing is getting a calibration of the speedometer. There are number different mechanics that will perform a speedometer calibration. It is not terribly expensive and can normally be done for between $50 and $100. A person will get the benefit of the doubt for whatever the difference is between actual speed and speedometer speed in a reckless driving case. The calibration is what is going to show that difference.

Inaccurate Speedometer As a Mitigating Factor

Whether a person’s speedometer is calibrated or not is definitely a mitigating factor. If someone is unaware that their speedometer is off, they will get the benefit of the doubt as to the differences between speedometer speed and actual speed, however, there are limitations to this.

If a person’s speedometer is off 10, 15, or 20 miles an hour, most courts are going to believe that a person under those circumstances knows or should know that their speedometer is not functioning. Speedometer differences less than 10 miles an hour, in many cases, will have the effect of mitigating a reckless speeding charge to a degree where it is reduced to simple speeding charge.

How a Manassas Reckless Driving Attorney Can Help

In a general reckless case, attorneys want to compile all of the evidence that they can, that may help you during your trial. The attorney will want to collect information that can strengthen your case and collect information that may be hurtful to your case, so that they can deal with it. In addition, they will encourage you to take steps to mitigate the penalties that you face, such as take a driver improvement course, perform community service, and in some cases get a speedometer calibration in Fairfax. Work with a qualified reckless driving lawyer that could work tirelessly to advocate for you.