Spotsylvania DUI Lawyer

Facing a criminal charge of driving while under the influence (DUI) may be a frightening situation. If found guilty of the DUI charge, you could face suspension of your driver’s license, a possible fine, or more severe legal sanctions. A Spotsylvania DUI lawyer could help you by working to achieve the best possible legal result.

Hiring an accomplished defense attorney means you do not have to face DUI charges alone. There is someone on your side to advocate for you, as well as to represent you in court or during other legal proceedings. A Spotsylvania DUI lawyer could help you properly deal with the charges.

The Role of Your DUI Attorney

A Spotsylvania DUI attorney could help a person facing DUI charges by answering legal questions regarding specific details of the charges, DUI laws, and possible penalties if convicted. An attorney could also provide assistance during every phase of the legal system and help a person charged with a DUI fight for an optimal outcome under the circumstances.

DUI-Related Traffic Laws

It is illegal to drive any type of motor vehicle on a public roadway in Spotsylvania, and throughout the state of Virginia, while intoxicated and under the influence of drugs or alcohol. To be considered legally intoxicated, a person only has to have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent or 0.02 percent for persons under 21 years of age.

It is also a violation of the law to drive with an open container of alcohol in the vehicle. Additional Spotsylvania DUI laws are outlined in article two, chapter seven, title 18.2 of the Code of Virginia. A lawyer for DUIs in Spotsylvania could provide additional clarification on DUI laws and answer case-specific legal questions.

Possible Penalties for Driving Under the Influence

While a DUI in Spotsylvania is a class one misdemeanor, a person with prior convictions for driving while intoxicated could be charged with a class six felony. Standard Spotsylvania DUI penalties are detailed in section 18.2-270 for individuals 21 years of age and older, while the penalties for individuals under 21 years of age are described in section 18.2-266.1.

Class one misdemeanors are associated with a fine of $250 or more. For individuals whose blood alcohol level is greater than 0.15 percent, a period of imprisonment in jail could also be imposed. DUI penalties for persons under 21 years of age could include loss of the driver’s license for a period of one year and a fine of $500 or more or 50 community service hours.

DUI penalties for individuals with prior DUI convictions charged with a class six felony are more severe and could include a fine of $1,000 or more and a term of imprisonment in jail for 90 days or more. In some cases, a term of imprisonment of one year or more could be imposed. A DUI attorney in Spotsylvania could answer regarding an individual’s specific case and the possible legal penalties that could be imposed.

Speaking with a Spotsylvania DUI Attorney

It may not be easy to face DUI charges on your own if you are unsure how to proceed with fighting the charges. Attempting to navigate the complex legal system may be overwhelming. A lawyer for DUI charges in Spotsylvania could provide assistance in several ways.

Do not attempt to face the legal system alone. Having a DUI lawyer on your side might help you feel better equipped to deal with the charges and you will have someone to fight on your behalf to try obtaining the best possible legal outcome. Speak with a Spotsylvania DUI lawyer about your case today.