Spotsylvania County Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sex crime charges are very broad in definition and can mean anything from sexual assault all the way to rape and everything in between. Each of these carries with them potentially significant consequences on a person’s life, including possible prison sentences and likely registration on a sex offender registry.

These cases are often intimidating for those accused because sex crimes tend to be “he said, she said” kinds of situation. And in those situations, one never really knows who’s going to be considered more credible by the jury. So sex offense cases are always intimidating because the ramifications of conviction are huge and regardless of guilt or innocence, there exists a very real possibility of conviction. These factors also make it imperative that a Spotsylvania sex crimes lawyer is contacted, as an experienced attorney will be able to build a defense and ensure that the rights of those accused are protected throughout the process.

Sex Crimes Offenses in Spotsylvania

There are many different sex crimes that an individual can be charged with in Spotsylvania ranging from Class One misdemeanors and sexual battery, all the way up to rape, which is a felony that can land you in prison for life. There are crimes against minors and there are crimes that involve something other than full on sex such as object sexual penetration, each of which is treated extremely seriously warranting contact with a Spotsylvania sex crimes attorney.

Any sex crime more serious than a sexual battery charge is considered a felony and upon conviction, one can almost certainly be assured of a lengthy prison sentence in Spotsylvania.

Sex Crime Investigations

The vast majority of sex crime cases occur between two people meaning there are generally only two witnesses: the alleged victim and the alleged perpetrator. For that reason, the police investigating these kinds of cases are always very keen on trying to get a statement out of the alleged perpetrator. This is because they want to know whether or not there is any credibility to what the alleged victim is saying.

For that reason, it is absolutely critical that if a person is being investigated for a sex crime they seek the assistance of counsel immediately. Any seasoned Spotsylvania sex crimes attorney would tell anyone under investigation for a sex crime that they need to not assist the government in their investigation. This is absolutely critical. Nothing a person says to the police without the assistance of counsel will help your situation.

Work with an Experienced Lawyer

If you are charged with a sex crime, it is very much in your best interest to work with a sex crimes attorney in Spotsylvania who has seen these kinds of cases before. Sex crimes are unique in the criminal justice field because of the types of evidence that might exist and the types of allegations that are made. Very often these cases are wrapped in a significant amount of emotion and the Spotsylvania sex crimes attorneys who work in these kinds of cases need to be able to cut through that emotion and address the cases as they are, with just the facts and law.