Spotsylvania Drug Lawyer

Facing drug charges can be a frightening and overwhelming experience. While attempting to fight the charges on your own may be stressful, you do not have to fight drug charges alone. A Spotsylvania drug lawyer could help you maneuver through what may be a complicated and confusing legal system. An aggressive criminal attorney could also help defend you against the charges and fight for the best result possible. When you hire a drug lawyer in Spotsylvania you will have someone on your side fighting on your behalf.

Drug Laws in Virginia

Drug laws in Spotsylvania prohibit the manufacture, distribution, possession, or sale of controlled substances and imitation controlled substances. Schedule I through Schedule VI of the Drug Control Act outline all the different types of narcotic drugs and other substances controlled under the law, including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and various prescription medications.

Being in possession of prescription medications without a valid medical prescription or in an amount that exceeds legal limits is also prohibited and could result in criminal drug charges, and additional drug-related acts prohibited by law include the sale of drug paraphernalia and possessing marijuana without a valid medical prescription. A drug lawyer in Spotsylvania could explain the drug laws in more detail and could answer questions about how these laws may pertain to the specific drug charges a person is facing.

Penalties for a Conviction

Drug offenses in Spotsylvania could be charged as misdemeanors or felonies depending on the nature of the alleged offense. There are four classes of misdemeanors. Punishments may range from a $250 fine for conviction of a class four misdemeanor to a 12-month jail term and/or a $2,500 fine for conviction of a class one misdemeanor.

There are six classes of felony offenses. The penalty for conviction of a class six felony, which is the least serious of the six classes, may include a prison term of between one and five years and/or a fine of $2,500. The potential punishments for conviction of a class one felony, which is the most serious type of felony and carries the most severe sentences, may include the death penalty, life in prison, and a possible fine of $100,000. A Spotsylvania drug lawyer could provide additional information regarding the possible penalties associated with the specific drug charges against a person.

How an Attorney Could Help

There may be several ways in which a drug attorney in Spotsylvania could help a person facing drug charges in Spotsylvania. An attorney may be able to:

  • Answer legal questions
  • Help a person maneuver through the legal system
  • Provide legal representation during all court proceedings
  • Help a person fight charges of manufacturing, distributing, or selling a controlled substance
  • Fight possession charges
  • Fight for the best possible legal resolution

Similar to how a person charged with theft may find it difficult to find a job, people charged with drug offenses may be barred from pursuing certain career opportunities. Since a drug charge could alter the course of a person’s life even after serving the sentence, it may be advisable for a person facing drug convictions to contact an attorney.

Speaking with a Spotsylvania Drug Attorney

You may not have to fight drug charges by yourself. A drug lawyer who is familiar with local drug laws could provide legal counsel to help you make informed decisions regarding your case. A lawyer could also develop an appropriate legal defense to the specific charges you are facing.

Hiring an attorney who handles drug cases means you may not be alone in dealing with the charges against you. There could be someone on your side fighting to achieve the best possible legal result. Speak with a Spotsylvania drug lawyer today.