Spotsylvania Assault Lawyer

If you are facing an assault charge, you may be worried about the possible penalties of being found guilty. A Spotsylvania assault lawyer may be able to stand by your side and help you avoid any legal repercussions.

Attempting to fight charges of assault on your own could be difficult. Maneuvering through the legal system might be complicated, and you might be unsure how to properly defend yourself against the charges. A well-practiced criminal attorney could help you by fighting on your behalf to try obtaining the best possible legal outcome for you.

Assault Laws

Assaults and bodily wounding offenses are detailed in article four of chapter four, crimes against the person, in title 18.2 of the Code of Virginia. Several different types of acts may be considered forms of assault under the law, including simply threatening to cause harm to another person without actually carrying out the threat. Acts for which a person could be charged with assault may include:

  • Threatening to physically harm another person
  • Physically attacking another person
  • Strangling another person
  • Stabbing another person
  • Shooting another person

The law provides further clarification regarding different forms of assault, battery, or bodily woundings that could result in criminal charges. A Spotsylvania assault lawyer could explain assault laws in greater detail, as well as answer questions regarding the specific assault charges a person is facing.

Possible Legal Penalties

Simple assault and assault and battery offenses are both charged as class one misdemeanors. The charges may be elevated to a class six felony when the individual allegedly assaulted was intentionally targeted based on race, religion, or nationality. Assault of either criminal justice or emergency services professionals is also charged as a class six felony.

The legal penalties for convictions of class one misdemeanors include a fine of up to $2,500, a jail sentence of up to 12 months, or both. The penalties for convictions of class six felonies include a $2,500 fine, a prison term of between one and five years, or both. A lawyer for assault in Spotsylvania could explain the different legal penalties that could result from a conviction of the specific type of assault with which a person has been charged.

Why Obtain Legal Assistance?

A seasoned attorney could provide legal assistance for people dealing with Spotsylvania assault charges in several ways. An attorney could:

  • Answer legal questions about a person’s case, such as what the specific charges mean or the possible legal penalties should an individual be found guilty
  • Explain what to expect during court hearings and other types of legal proceedings
  • Prepare an appropriate criminal defense to the specific assault charges a person is facing
  • Provide legal representation and fight on behalf of the person charged to attain the best outcome possible based on the situation

How a Spotsylvania Assault Attorney Could Help

Dealing with charges of assault on your own may not be easy and could be overwhelming. Trying to understand assault laws without a legal background, as well as attempting to navigate the legal system on your own, are both challenging tasks. You may not have to face assault charges or the legal system on your own.

An attorney for assault in Spotsylvania could help you in several ways, including serving as your legal representative and preparing an appropriate defense against the charges you are facing. A lawyer could help you by working to obtain an optimal legal outcome. Speak with a Spotsylvania assault lawyer today.