Prince William County DUI While on Probation Lawyer

Being charged with driving under the influence can be devastating, but facing DUI charges while already on probation can be even more complicated. If you are facing charges, you might benefit from the knowledge of a Prince William County DUI while on probation lawyer. An expereinced DUI attorney could help you navigate the implications of DUI charges on your probationary conditions and determine what, if any, further legal action is necessary.

DUI Charges While on Probation

A person who is charged with DUI while on probation for a prior offense may face different consequences for those charges than someone who is not on probation. For example, if they are on probation for a previous DUI, they could expect the prosecutor to want to hit them hard with charges. If they are on probation for something else, it probably would not impact their DUI prosecution. However, a conviction for a new charge while on probation for anything else could lead to a probation violation, wherein they could face additional time for their probationary period regardless of what happens as a result of the DUI.

If a probation violation is alleged by the government and proven in court, the court can extend the probation and even add to the conditions of that probation. The penalties for a DUI do not change if the defendant is on probation. People who are convicted of DUI while on probation could also face probation violation hearings and additional penalties.

DUI Charges Can Violate Probation

Being accused of DUI may be enough to be considered a violation of probation, but it depends on the terms and conditions of their existing probation. For example, if the DUI charges are dropped on some sort of technicality, it does not necessarily rectify a probation violation if one of the conditions of their probation involved abstaining from alcohol consumption. If the government could prove that the defendant consumed alcohol but could not prove the DUI charges, the individual is still exposed to a possible probation violation.

Typical Conditions of Probation

Some typical conditions of probation are not committing any future offenses and being on good behavior. If someone is charged with DUI while on probation, it would be an inherent probation violation. Other conditions could count accidents from alcohol or drugs as violations, which could be triggered by DUI charges. Sometimes probation requires regular substance abuse evaluations or some level of intervention if the evaluator determines it is necessary. It is essential for defendants to seek the services of a Prince William County DUI while on probation lawyer.

Call a Prince William County DUI While on Probation Attorney

DUI charges do not come lightly, and being on probation for prior offenses when you receive those charges can make litigation more complicated. These circumstances warrant the help of a skilled Prince William County attorney who has experience with DUI while on probation cases. For assistance with the details of your case, call a Prince William County DUI while on probation lawyer today.