DUI Arrest Records in Prince William County

Arrest records are available to the public at all times. The only way to make records private is to go to trial and request expungement by the state government. Once someone is arrested, there is nothing they can do to prevent those records from being accessible to anybody who looks for them. Although, it is rare for law enforcement to publish arrest records in newspapers or on a website, so accessing them may require some efortful digging. DUI arrest records in Prince William County are public information, and those who have questions about expungement should consult an experienced and diligent attorney.

Consequences of Public DUI Arrest Records

Public arrest records are accessible to anyone who may be interested in doing a background check on someone, such as potential employers and landlords. For example, mug shots are always available to the public, as well. However, whether a mug shot is worth publishing to social media sites is at law enforcement’s discretion. Police may do so to facilitate an investigation or to raise awareness of a particular event.

For this reason, it is advisable to explore getting DUI arrest records in Prince William County expunged. Having records expunged means clearing your name and removing the file from public acess. The only way to do this is to be found innocent of the charges or if they are otherwise dismissed. The consequences of having an arrest record can be long-lasting, especially for those who are looking for future employment or trying to get a loan. A well-versed legal advocate who is familiar with DUI arrest records could help someone prepare for any court proceedings before a judge in order to facilitate a successful expungement.

Options for Dealing with DUI Arrest Records in Prince William County

If a person is arrested and they are found not guilty or the government subsequently drops the charge against them, they are eligible for an expungement of those records. That process entails going to court and requesting that the government destroys all arrest records having to do with their case. Therefore, the only way to have records in Prince William County expunged is if a person is ultimately found not guilty, or if the charge against them is dismissed. For questions about how you can adress your DUI arrest records in Prince William County, consider retaining a knowledgeable attorney who has experience with these kinds of cases.

Acquitted of a DUI Charge

The arrest records of someone who is acquitted will remain public unless they take affirmative steps to change that. In other words, if they file a petition for expungement in the circuit court, they should be able to have their arrest records cleared. However, if they neglect to take that action, the arrest record will remain part of public record. This process can be made easier with the help and guidance of qualified legal counsel, so call our team today to learn more about your options for addressing your DUI arrest records in Prince William County.