Medical Attention Following a Prince William County DUI Arrest

An individual arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol could receive medical attention under any circumstances. All jails have medical staff on duty or on-call 24 hours a day. So if a person is injured or very ill for whatever reason, they should get medical care at the jail. That individual should never have to worry about whether they will get the medical care they need, even if they have been arrested.

If someone needs medical attention following a Prince William County DUI arrest but does not receive it, one of our attorneys could use that as leverage against the government to try to resolve the case favorably. However, it does not impact the facts of someone’s case, the results of their blood or breath tests, or the trial because their need for medical care has nothing to do with whether they were driving while impaired. What happens after someone is placed under arrest bears absolutely no weight on the ultimate question of a DUI trial. Contact an experienced DUI lawyer today to learn more.

Identifying a Person’s Need for Medical Attention

Law enforcement officers are not EMTs or medical personnel, but they are trained to look for anything that would indicate that a person might need medical attention. Very often, they will just ask the person if they feel as though they need medical care. They retain the right to deny it, but police will proceed with their investigation as needed.

While the police are not trained to give medical attention following a Prince William County DUI arrest, they do get training to identify issues that might require them to call for EMTs to help support the person they are investigating. People are entitled to adequate and standardized medical care from qualified professionals, regardless of whether they have been arrested.

How Does Getting or Not Receiving Medical Care Impact a Case?

What happens after a person is arrested is wholly irrelevant to whether they are guilty of a DUI. Therefore, if one was injured in a crash caused by a DUI, the lack of medical care will not impact whether one will be convicted of a DUI. However, if a person is treated poorly after they are arrested, the government might be more inclined to do something special for them at trial to avoid a civil lawsuit, in certain circumstances.

Call a Prince William County Lawyer About Medical Attention Following a DUI Arrest

If a person needs medical attention following a Prince William County DUI arrest and they do not get it at the jail, that is an ancillary issue that a knowledgeable lawyer might be able to use as leverage in plea negotiations. You should consider speaking with an experienced and well-versed legal advocate from our firm for more insight and advice about the local DUI arrest process. If you received a DUI and did not get the medical attention that you needed, reach out to a seasoned lawyer who could advocate for you throughout the legal process.