Prince William County DUI Drug Lawyer

A person could be charged with DUI for drug-related impairments because the DUI statutes in Prince William County are not limited to alcohol. The statutes include any driving that is impaired, whether by alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both. If an officer suspects that a driver is impaired, but that impairment has nothing to do with alcohol, they could still charge them with a DUI that is related to drug consumption.

If you are facing charges for driving while under the influence of drugs, reach out to a dedicated DUI attorney. A Prince William County DUI drug lawyer could advocate on your behalf.

Drug DUIs vs Alcohol-Related DUIs

The penalties associated with a drug DUI do not differ from those of an alcohol-related DUI. In Prince William County, all variants of DUI charges are under one statute. VA Code ยง 18.2-256 includes alcohol, drugs, and a combination thereof. If someone is convicted of a DUI, the penalties are the same regardless of what it is that caused the impairment that led to the conviction.

DUI Charges after Taking Legal or Prescribed Drugs

A person could be charged with drug-related impairment even when it involves legal or prescribed drugs in the same way that alcohol is legal to consume. If they have too much of a certain drug that causes impairment or if they take a prescribed dose of certain drugs that leads to impairment, they could be charged with a DUI in Prince William County. The bottom line is if they consume something that renders them incapable of safely operating a motor vehicle, they could be charged with a DUI regardless of whether it was legal.

For example, some people are just knocked out and are unable to function after taking Benadryl, while other people take it and are perfectly fine. Every person is different in terms of how their bodies process certain substances or drugs. If Benadryl makes them loopy, they should not take it and drive lest they possibly face drug DUI charges.

Many people who are charged with a drug DUI assume that the judge is going to let them go because they had a legal right to consume the drug, which is not true. If any consumption of any drug renders them incapable of safely operating a motor vehicle, they could and likely would be convicted of a DUI. Therefore, it is critical for defendants to obtain the services of a drug DUI lawyer in Prince William County.

Involuntary Intoxication

Involuntary intoxication is not a defense for a drug DUI. If someone operates a car, they are responsible for judging whether they are safely able to do so. For example, if something is slipped into someone’s drink and they begin to feel woozy or light-headed but decide to drive anyway, they are responsible for that conduct.

That being said, proven involuntary intoxication could mitigate the outcome of a drug DUI case. A prosecutor might look at those facts with some favor and give them a break, but in terms of the law, if it goes to trial, the court does not care whether the intoxication was voluntary. The court only cares about whether the defendant was impaired and they still decided to operate a motor vehicle despite that impairment.

Contact a Prince William County Drug DUI Attorney

If you are facing charges for a drug-related DUI, contact a seasoned attorney today. A Prince William County drug DUI lawyer could fight for you and advocate on your behalf. When facing these charges, it is critical that you seek the services of a legal professional who has experience in these types of cases. A drug DUI attorney in Prince William County will know what arguments to use to fight against these allegations. Call today and set up a consultation.

Prince William County DUI Drug Lawyer