Culpeper County Assault Attorney

When a physical altercation occurs, an assault arrest is often made on the basis of subjective evidence and the best judgment of responding police. Arresting officers may make a decision based on evidence such as which party has the most visible injuries, who told his or her side of the story to the police first, or the officer’s interpretation of events after evaluating conflicting witness statements. In some cases, a person arrested for assault may have been acting in self-defense. In other cases, one person is arrested for assault even though two or more people were mutually responsible for the altercation. If you have been charged with assault, a Culpeper County assault lawyer will help you tell your side of the story, working to bring your case to a favorable outcome. Contact a reliable criminal attorney today.

Assault Charges in Culpeper County

Assault is defined in the Code of Virginia as the attempt to injure or harm another person. Because the definition stipulates that an attempt to injure qualifies as an assault, one may be criminally charged even if he or she does not actually injure the alleged victim, as long as prosecutors can demonstrate the intent to inflict harm. Frequently, assault is charged in conjunction with battery, which is inflicting unwanted physical contact with another person with the intent to harm or injure. If you have been charged with assault and battery or another assault offense, it is important that you contact a Culpeper assault attorney as soon as possible to begin preparing your defense.

Virginia assault charges are frequently charged as misdemeanors, as in the case of simple assault, but certain circumstances of the offense can result in felony charges. Aggravating factors include use of a weapon; assault against a law enforcement officer, emergency personnel, teacher, or school administrator; assault resulting in serious injury; and assault committed on the basis of race, religion, or national origin.

Cases Handled by Culpeper County Assault Lawyers

Our legal team can provide sound legal counsel and strong defense against criminal assault charges, including:

  • Aggravated Assault
  • Assault and Battery
  • Assault against a police officer, law enforcement officer, or firefighter
  • Assault against a school administrator or teacher
  • Domestic Violence
  • Malicious Wounding

Whether working for a dismissal of your case, negotiating a reduced charge, or aggressively fighting for a verdict of not guilty, our Culpeper assault lawyers can offer you quality defense against Virginia assault charges.

Speak with a Culpeper County Assault Attorney

When you need an assault lawyer in Culpeper to represent you before the Culpeper General District Court, contact our office for a free evaluation of your case. While some Culpeper assault attorneys may not give you the personal attention your charge requires, Mr. Duckett is dedicated to providing skillful defense uniquely tailored to your specific case. He has the knowledge, resources, and experience you need to evaluate your options and work for the most favorable resolution possible.

If you or someone you love has been arrested on assault, battery, or domestic violence complaints in Culpeper, Virginia, do not hesitate to get the legal advice you need. Call today.