Culpeper Sex Crimes Lawyer

Facing sex crime charges can be intimidating because they are intricate charges with evidence that can be complex. Additionally, the complaining witness may allege that the charges involve potential injuries that are physical in nature as well as injuries that are emotional.

The person that is facing sex crime charges has the real possibility of being incarcerated for a significant period of time. Upon release from incarceration, there may be extensive probation and they may be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of their life. There is a huge stigma attached to sex crimes and because of that, sex crime charges are more intimidating to confront than charges for other criminal acts.

If you are facing criminal sex offense charges, you do not have to do it alone. An experienced Culpeper sex crimes lawyer can help you navigate the legal system and work toward obtaining an outcome in your best interest.

Sex Crimes in Culpeper

There are many crimes that constitute sex crimes in Culpeper. A person could be charged with sexual assault, which can be considered the most benign of the sex crimes charges. Sexual assault is, in its most basic terms, improperly touching another person’s private areas. A person can also be charged with rape or object sexual penetration, which are much more serious offenses, both of which have a maximum penalty of lifetime imprisonment.

In addition to the assaultive cases, which are considered crimes of violence, there are other sex crimes that can range from pornography related crimes to human trafficking related crimes that warrant the assistance of a Culpeper sex crimes attorney.

Investigation of Sex Crimes Cases

Many sex crime cases rely on the evidence of only one person, the complaining witness. For that reason, the vast majority of cases only contain two versions of a story, that of the accused and the accuser. This makes sex crimes cases different because in most criminal cases there are usually independent witnesses or law enforcement witnesses to present their version of the events that led to criminal charges. Some sex crime cases have physical evidence, such as DNA evidence, which could potentially include hair or body fluids, but that is not as common.

Role of a Culpeper Sex Crimes Attorney

The role of an attorney in a sex crime case is to investigate the case fully from a different perspective than that of the officers or detectives who are investigating. Typically, defense attorneys try to shed a different light on the accusations that are being made, if the circumstances allow for that.

The role of the attorney is also to ensure that justice is carried out. If the attorney’s client is convicted, then the role of the attorney is to ensure that that conviction was properly obtained. If the allegations were not accurate, were embellished, or parts of what occurred were left out, the role of the attorney is to make sure that all of the facts are presented to ensure that justice is truly served.

None of that means that lawyers, on the defense side, are not sensitive to injuries, whether they be emotional or physical, that the accuser suffers. The defense attorney’s role is to ensure a fair process for the defendant. A defense attorney is required to make sure that the government proves their case in the way that the Constitution and the laws of Virginia require.

A Culpeper sex crimes lawyer has resources that will allow them to investigate the claims that are being made by an accusing witness, the veracity of the accusing witness, the circumstances surrounding the accusation, and to determine if, in fact, the accusing witness is telling the truth. If the government is able to prove its case, then a lawyer can help by attempting to mitigate the damage that can be caused by these accusations.

An attorney’s experience is the most important factor in sex crime cases. Sex crime cases involve unique evidence, so it is important that the defendant has someone who is intimately familiar with how these cases are prosecuted and the kind of evidence that the government needs to compile and present to obtain a conviction.

Place Your Trust in a Culpeper County Sex Crimes Attorney

Trust is essential in sex crimes cases because there may be a time during the process in which it appears as though the government will be able to prove their case. Under those circumstances, the client needs to trust the lawyer, especially when the lawyer’s advice is to consider something other than a trial.

In many cases, if you go to trial for a sex crime and you lose, your punishment is going to be far more severe than it would have been had you pleaded guilty. If the client does not trust the attorney to make that kind of decision and did not follow the attorney’s advice, then the client will usually end up in a worse situation.

If you are facing sex crimes charges, contact an experienced Culpeper sex crimes lawyer today to begin building your best defense.