Culpeper Theft Lawyer

There are a variety of offenses that are charged as theft crimes in Culpeper. Theft includes shoplifting, credit card fraud, credit card theft, theft by false pretenses, and concealment of goods in a store. The basic elements of theft include the taking of goods, services, or money with the intent to permanently convert that resource to full-time ownership and permanently deprive the owner of the property.

If a person is facing theft charges, they should not waste time in beginning their defense. It is important that they find an experienced and locally knowledgeable Culpeper theft lawyer as soon as possible to guide them through the process and work toward obtaining the best outcome for their case.

Types of Theft Charges

Much like the rest of the nation, many charges can be considered theft or theft-related offenses in Culpeper. This can include, among others, credit card theft, shoplifting, theft by false pretenses, embezzlement, fraud, and concealment. All of these offenses can be considered theft under Virginia law and can be prosecuted in Culpeper.

If a person is charged with theft in Culpeper, they should hire a theft attorney in Culpeper immediately. Having a conviction for any theft-related crime constitutes a permanent mark on an individual’s criminal record, which makes it exceedingly difficult to obtain employment in any position in which even a small amount of trust is required by the employer. Additionally, a person may face the possibility of losing an existing job, especially if that job requires security clearance to sustain the employment.


The essential element of any theft charge is the conversion of a good, service, or money, from one person to another, without consent of the rightful owner, and with the intent to permanently deprive the original owner of their property rights to the stolen item. Beyond the basic elements of theft, the proof that is necessary for the prosecution to obtain a conviction depends on the theft offense that is charged and the facts surrounding the case.

Evidence of Theft

In Virginia, the rules of discovery enable the defense to obtain certain information about the government’s case. The defense is entitled to any statements made by the defendant as well as the previous criminal record of the defendant. An experienced Culpeper theft lawyer can request discovery as a standard practice in any criminal case.

Beyond that, the defense will look for any evidence that might not be covered by the discovery rules to determine whether the government is going to be able to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Every case is different, so the facts and circumstances surrounding the case and the specific charges themselves would dictate what evidence a theft lawyer in Culpeper might need to, try to, and want to obtain in a particular case.

Hire a Culpeper County Theft Attorney

The first step in any criminal intake is trying to determine whether the government can prove their case against the defendant. A person’s Culpeper theft lawyer will ask the person specific and pointed questions about the nature of the charge and what evidence the government has. They can then try to determine whether the government can prove the charges against the defendant.

Having a conviction for theft results in a permanent criminal record. Theft is known as a crime of moral turpitude, and crimes of moral turpitude make it extremely difficult for a person to obtain certain jobs. Jobs where public trust and/or employer trust are necessary, such as in handling cash or any other financial transaction, would be difficult to obtain for a person whose record shows a theft crime conviction.

For this reason, any person that is charged with theft or a theft-related offense should strongly consider the benefits of having a Culpeper theft attorney on their side to protect their rights and mitigate or remove the associated penalties.

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