Loudoun County Bribery Lawyer

Crimes that involve bribery, corruption, and extortion pose a significant threat to core democratic values. Consequently, prosecutors – including federal prosecutors – zealously and promptly bring bribery offenders to justice.

Prosecuting bribery cases normally takes a long time, as prosecutors often need to collect large amounts of direct and circumstantial evidence to prove their case. Experienced prosecutors will not hesitate to try and put on a compelling show for the jury. Accused individuals may need a Loudoun County bribery lawyer on your side to defend you in your criminal case.

An experienced defense attorney could ensure that you receive the legal representation you deserve and may protect your legal rights while your bribery case is pending in the court system.

Defining Bribery

Bribery in Loudoun County means providing something of value (typically money), in exchange for some act – and with corrupt intent. Bribery is illegal under federal law, and both the giving party and the receiving party of the bribe may incur criminal charges and subsequent penalties upon conviction. For more information about bribery charges, contact a seasoned bribery attorney in Loudoun County.

Proving Bribery Charges

The prosecutor (i.e. the government) has the burden of proving that a certain individual illegally gave or accepted a bribe. To prove their case, the prosecutor must be able to establish the following legal elements:

  • Value – To demonstrate bribery, the prosecutor must first show that the accused gave or received something of value. Although the “thing of value” may be cash, it does not need to be in every case.
  • Public official – For a crime to constitute bribery, either the person doing the bribing – or the recipient of the bribe – must be a public official. “Public official” is a broad term under the law. Any person who has official federal responsibilities or who is in a position of trust can be a public official.
  • Intent – For the accused to commit bribery, they must have committed the crime with the necessary criminal intent. Specifically, the accused must have intended to either influence an official act or influence a public official to commit fraud. Alternatively, the accused may have induced a public official to do something else unlawful.

Proving intent (i.e. the accused’s mental state at the time of the bribery offense) could be difficult for the prosecution to demonstrate – notably when a bribery attorney in Loudoun County is defending the case. An accomplished defense attorney could build a person’s defense case and dispute all three elements of the charge.

Potential Penalties for a Bribery Conviction

The potential penalties for a Loudoun County bribery conviction could be extremely serious. Any person who receives or gives a bribe could incur legal fines up to three times the amount of the “thing of value” and/or serve jail time for a period of 15 years.

A person who sustains a bribery conviction may not hold an office of trust, honor, or profit in the United States. A Loudoun County bribery lawyer may be able to argue for a reduced criminal penalty on behalf person accused of bribery.

Talk to a Loudoun County Bribery Attorney

Bribery is a serious crime in Loudoun County. If you are currently facing criminal bribery charges, it is not a good idea to represent yourself. You may need a skilled criminal defense lawyer by your side. A Loudoun County bribery lawyer could help you determine the best possible defenses to your charge and can assert them in court on your behalf.