Loudoun County Fraud Lawyer

The stigma associated with those who execute fraudulent acts can be serious. No one wishes to experience the process of having hard-earned assets and property be lost because of someone else’s dishonesty.

That said, there are always two sides to a story. On occasion, good intentions are misinterpreted, events do not transpire as predicted and “deals go bad” because of circumstances and not deliberate acts of malfeasance. A Loudoun County fraud lawyer’s assistance might be necessary to help Northern Virginia residents facing fraud charges sort out these facts. Reach out to an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible to schedule a consultation.

The Different Variations of Fraud

Fraud is a loose definition of a broad act. There are several types of fraudulent activity for which someone could face serious legal consequences such as:

  • Stealing another person’s credit cards or credit card numbers
  • Obtaining someone else’s financial and legal identity
  • Counterfeiting
  • Knowingly endorsing checks from non-existent accounts or accounts with insufficient funds
  • Operating financial schemes
  • Hosting fraudulent charities
  • Stealing from government programs
  • Embezzling funds for an individual or corporation
  • Tampering with legal documents such as wills or trusts
  • Falsely obtaining someone’s signature

These are merely some examples. A fraud attorney from Loudoun County might be able to identify other definitions of fraudulent behavior.

Obtaining Money Under False Pretenses

In accordance with Virginia Penal Code 18.2-178, fraud is defined as using false pretenses to obtain money or another person’s signature with designs on obtaining money from said individual and a person who executes such acts may be subject to criminal penalties.

Why You Should Hire a Fraud Attorney

To prove that someone executed some type of fraudulent act, a prosecutor must demonstrate that the individual in question:

  • Intended to steal from the complainant
  • Partook in a specific act of fraud
  • Deliberately acted under false or misleading pretenses
  • Said false pretenses led to the individual in question obtaining money

The responsibility of a fraud lawyer representing Loudoun County is to illustrate that a client did not fall under any of the preceding criteria. After reviewing the issues pertinent to the case, said professional may be able to establish strategies including but not limited to showing that the complainant: was provided appropriate information but failed to read the fine print, knowingly gave consent to proceed or conveyed to the individual in question the financial risks of a specific undertaking were understood.

Potential Penalties for a Fraud Conviction

Adjudicating bodies will levy penalties categorized as misdemeanors and felonies. Misdemeanors are the lesser offenses and are subject to small to moderate fines and possibly jail time. Felonies are more serious in nature and may yield significant fines and potentially lengthy prison sentences.

The specific charges and sentences ultimately handed down might depend upon the severity of the offense, as well as amount of money the complainant is shown to have been defrauded out of.

Minor offenses may result in Class 1 misdemeanor charges. These offenses may result in up to $2,500 in fines and a maximum jail term of one year. However, moderate or major offenses might necessitate felony charges that may carry stiff fines and extended stays in state or federal penitentiaries.


In some cases, legal proceedings involving fraudulent offenses will commence in courts located within the municipality or state where the individual in question is purported to have executed the malfeasant acts. However, if the offense in question involved a broader scope of persons or the government, cases may be adjudicated at the federal level.

Work with a Loudoun County Fraud Attorney Today

It is unfortunate when individuals lose money or property when investing in specific property or financial endeavors. That said, such circumstances do not always arise due to the fraudulent or misleading actions of someone else. Those subjected to fraud charges are urged to consult with a Loudoun County fraud lawyer today.