Stafford County Theft Lawyer

A person charged with theft in Stafford County can expect to face both penalties and the possibility of jail time if convicted. Being convicted of theft can have serious implications on the life of the individual accused, such as the loss of employment and the inability to get employment or loans in the future. For this reason, it is incredibly important, if you are facing theft charges, to enlist the experience of a Stafford County theft lawyer immediately. A knowledgeable attorney will be able to best represent you in court, and assist in lessening any and all damages you are facing.

Defining Theft

There are many different types of theft charges that an individual could be charged within Stafford County. However, the basic elements of any theft charge involve the taking of something of value, whether it be merchandise, a service, or money itself, and converting it to an individual’s own use, without the express authorization and permission of the original owner. The umbrella of theft covers many charges in Stafford County. It could include the crimes of shoplifting, concealment, robbery, credit card fraud, embezzlement, taking by false pretenses, and many other crimes.

First Steps in Hiring A Lawyer

The first thing a lawyer will want to know is whether or not the alleged crime actually occurred. An attorney will need to get the client’s perspective about what happened, and then also find out from the client what the government can prove. Essentially, what kind of evidence does the government have, and what sort of statements will they allege about the defense. From those two sets of information, an attorney will be able to come up with a list of possible available defenses or gather as much information as possible to mitigate the client’s exposure.

A person charged with theft should hire an experienced Stafford County theft attorney immediately. This is because any individual who is convicted of a theft charge, is in turn convicted of a crime of moral turpitude. This is a criminal offense that can follow an individual forever. This charge will make it much more difficult to get a job in any field where there is a level of trust required for employees. A theft charge is very serious, and because of this, an individual should always consider hiring a Stafford County theft lawyer to best protect their short and long-term interests.

Benefits of a Stafford Theft Attorney

Obtaining a lawyer to work on a case as soon as possible gives that lawyer the best opportunity to get successful results. In a lot of cases, evidence needs to be obtained and preserved, and the more time which lapses between the charge and hiring that lawyer, the more difficult it can be for that lawyer to do his or her job correctly.

A Stafford County theft lawyer can support their client by making sure that they are fully aware of the circumstances they are in, and what to expect when the case proceeds to court. This is to eliminate any surprises or uncertainty in the mind of the client. An attorney’s number one responsibility is often to make sure that a client is fully aware of all possible options that can happen when they are in court. When it comes time to decide whether or not to accept the prosecutor’s plea offer, both the attorney and their client will be fully informed and mentally prepared to make the decision they need to make.