Stafford County Criminal Lawyer

If you are accused of a criminal charge in Stafford County, it is wise to learn as much about the potential offenses you face as possible. It is also important to consult a Stafford County criminal attorney who has experience handling criminal cases and who is familiar with the local laws and procedures.

Criminal charges can result from an array of situations. Anything from driving with expired registration, assault, or possession of narcotics can result in criminal charges. Luckily, you have the right to obtain legal representation from a knowledgeable Virginia defense attorney if you ever find yourself facing charges.

Types of Offenses

In Virginia, a misdemeanor charge carries moderate penalties, and a felony criminal charge carries much harsher penalties. Both misdemeanors and felonies are broken down into different classes to assess the risk of penalty.

An experienced Stafford criminal lawyer will have the advantage of working with the local prosecutors and judges. This offers defendants an advantage since local criminal attorneys will be familiar with the subtle differences inherent within various courthouses and will also know their way around the criminal system in regards to local processes and procedures.

Practice Areas:

Building a Defense

A local Stafford County criminal attorney can work diligently to provide a client with the best possible outcome to their case. This work may include several services, such as investigating into the charges, interviewing witnesses, reviewing the prosecutor’s evidence, and identifying experts to testify on someone’s behalf.

An experienced lawyer will work together with someone early on to help them understand what their rights are and how to assert their rights. An attorney will keep them up to date on the proceedings of their case and prepare the strongest defense possible for them.

It is imperative for someone to contact an experienced criminal lawyer in Stafford County as soon as they are charged because the more time an attorney has to work on the case, the better prepared they can be to defend the case. The repercussions of a criminal charge can have far-reaching consequences. Even a minor charge can have negative effects on someone’s personal and professional life, including influencing employment and security clearance eligibility.

Contacting a Stafford County Criminal Attorney 

Understanding your personal rights when facing criminal charges is vital to the investigation. When presented with potential charges, remember you have the right to remain silent. An attorney is there to legally represent and negotiate on your behalf. The development of a legal strategy after consulting with an attorney leads to a best possible outcome.

Regardless of your criminal charges, finding an experienced criminal attorney in Stafford County is the best defense when dealing with Virginia courts. They will provide your case with a robust specific defense to help you avoid conviction and maximum penalty sentences.