Prince William County Sex Crimes Lawyer

Perhaps no criminal charge has such swift and profound ramifications as the accusation of a sex crime. Being accused of rape, sexual assault, or molestation can cause a person to be treated as a criminal even prior to a trial or conviction. Though the justice system is ordered to presume a defendant’s innocence unless guilt is proven, often defendants in sex crimes have their rights violated and their privileges forgotten in the name of protecting the victims. A defendant’s family, career, and personal relationships may all be destroyed at the mere allegation of a sex offense. Because of the sensitive nature of sex crime cases, it is critical that those accused immediately contact a skillful Prince William sex crimes attorney. For representation or information regarding other crimes in Prince William County, call our experienced Prince William County defense attorneys today.

Building a Defense

Representing individuals in Dale City, Dumfries, Manassas, Occoquan, Quantico, and throughout Prince William County, our sex crimes attorneys are ready and able to handle your defense. A Prince William sex crimes attorney can offer sound legal counsel and aggressive defense representation to clients accused of sex offenses ranging from sexual assault to rape. They understand that an accusation can lead to your removal from your own home and prohibition against seeing your own children. They knows that the stigma of a sex offender can be as difficult as any criminal penalties you may face. A sex crimes lawyer works assertively on your behalf to protect your rights and to defend you against criminal charges.

Cases Handled by Prince William County Sex Crimes Lawyers

Prince William County sex crimes lawyers represent clients accused of misdemeanor and felony sexual offenses. Though some Virginia sex crimes, such as attempted sexual battery and sexual battery, are prosecuted as misdemeanors, the majority of sex offenses are charged as felonies. An attorney can provide experienced defense counsel to individuals accused of crimes including:

  • Sexual Assault and Sexual Battery
  • Rape, Statutory Rape, and Forcible Sodomy
  • Child Sexual Abuse and Solicitation of a Minor
  • Possession or Distribution of Child Pornography
  • Internet Sex Crimes

Felony sex crimes can carry penalties of up to life in prison, and may offenses require mandatory minimum sentencing. Furthermore, anyone convicted of a serious sex crime will be required to register as a Virginia sex offender. Your lawyer will carefully handle your defense to bring your case to its best possible resolution, whether that means negotiating a lesser charge and minimal sentencing or aggressively defending your innocence at trial.

Finding An Experienced Attorney

There are several Prince William County sex crimes attorneys who are eager to handle your case. However, with your freedom, your reputation, and your future all at stake, you cannot afford to take a chance with unproven legal representation.  Our team offers the experience and healthy track record you need for successful defense against criminal charges. Sex crimes attorneys can work diligently to examine all of the facts of the case in order to determine the best possible strategy for your defense. For aggressive defense in Prince William County, call our office today for a free consultation. Do not face sex crime charges without a Prince William sex crimes attorney.