Prince William County DUI Lawyer

For most people, seeing a police cruiser’s lights in the rearview mirror is a stressful experience. In most cases, a driver may be frustrated or worried about whether he or she will receive a ticket or just a warning. If you have been drinking, however, the fear is likely to be much greater. You may worry about whether you will be arrested or how you will explain the arrest to family and friends. You may be concerned about the legal penalties for DUI, including fines, jail, and the loss of your driver’s license. You could be worried about the impact a criminal record may have on your future opportunities. Fortunately, help is available. A Prince William County DUI lawyer can help you fight your DUI charge. Through knowledge, skill, and experience representing DUI defendants throughout Prince William County, an attorney will provide you with quality defense as you fight to maintain your freedom and your driving privileges.

Consequences of a DUI

Virginia DUI laws are aggressive. Even on the first offense, DUI is a misdemeanor punishable by fines of up to $2,500, a one-year suspension of the driver’s license, participation in Virginia’s Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP), and up to one year in jail. Subsequent offenses and enhancing factors, such as transporting a minor, can lead to harsher punishment. Once a license is reinstated, the driver may be required to purchase costly high-risk auto insurance. The criminal record that accompanies a DUI conviction can also complicate one’s life. Your chances of finding or keeping a job, securing a loan, maintaining student status, or retaining security clearance can all be hampered by a criminal record. However, some or all of these consequences of a conviction can be avoided if you hire an experienced Prince William County DUI attorney to handle your case. An attorney will carefully evaluate your case to uncover the optimal strategies for your defense. Whether negotiating for minimal sentencing or aggressively challenging faulty or illegally obtained evidence, your lawyer is in your corner.

Building a Defense

Every case is unique, and a DUI attorney will develop the best strategy for your specific case. However, there are several common approaches used successfully by Prince William County DUI lawyers. Possible defense strategies include:

  • Providing evidence of an illegal traffic stop
  • Demonstrating flawed evidence from an improperly administrated sobriety test or malfunctioning, or improperly calibrated breathalyzer test
  • Negotiating a reduced charge or minimum sentence

Your Prince William County DUI attorney will use all available resources to provide sound legal counsel and solid defense. He understands the impact a DUI conviction can have on your life, and he is committed to helping you achieve a favorable resolution to your case.

Finding a Prince William County DUI Lawyer

Choosing an attorney from the dozens of Prince William County DUI attorneys available can seem like an overwhelming task. However, by scheduling a free consultation with Donna Murphy, you will see why so many former defendants have come to recommend him for quality legal representation. He offers experience and tenacity in defending clients before the Prince William General District Court, located at 9311 Lee Avenue in Manassas, Virginia. By working closely with you, he will develop a strong defense that can bring your case to the best possible outcome.