Prince William County Fraud Lawyer

An allegation of fraud could imply many other criminal offenses, each with their own nuances and penalties. Fraud is deception perpetrated against another party for some sort of material gain. Charges such as these could involve something as simple as issuing a bad check or as complex as filing false applications for loans or insurance protection.

A Prince William County fraud lawyer could help explain relevant statutes, gather evidence which disproves the alleged activity, and build a defense that could lead to a favorable resolution in court. Consider speaking with a tenacious and well-versed criminal defense attorney for help with fighting fraud allegations.

Defining Fraud

Fraud involves the act of deliberately deceiving someone else with the purpose of financial gain and could be committed against another private citizen, a business, a financial institution, or even the government. Prosecutors bear the burden of proof and must establish a defendant’s intentional deceit in order to successfully convict them of fraud.

If a defendant could convince a jury that allegations of fraud were the result of a misunderstanding or that they lacked the necessary intent to defraud another party, they may be acquitted. A Prince William County fraud attorney could provide more information about the defenses which may be available to a defendant based on their specific circumstances.

Charges Associated with Fraud in Prince William County

There is no offense in the state’s criminal code specifically labeled “fraud”. Instead, prosecutors must choose from a variety of fraud-related offenses that fit the allegations in a given case.

Many examples stem from financial fraud. According to Virginia Code §18.2-181, it is illegal for any person to issue a check if they know that the account does not contain sufficient funds. The law treats this offense as theft and punishes the offense according to the value of the bad check.

Other examples of fraud violate the public interest. VA Code §18.2-168 makes it a Class 4 felony for any person to alter a public record or certificate completed by a public officer or employee. Additionally, it is illegal to possess any tool or instrument for the purpose of forgery or creation of a false document under VA Code §18.2-171.

Another common form of fraud involves the use of credit cards. The improper use or acquisition of credit card data is considered a fraud-related offense under state law. VA Code §18.2-192 defines the theft of credit card data as grand larceny. A lawyer in Prince William County who has experience with fraud cases could help people facing these charges in a local criminal court.

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Fraud is using deceit to obtain the money or property of another person or entity as well as making illegal changes to an official document. Any fraud allegation requires a prosecutor to prove that not only did a defendant commit a fraudulent act but also that they intended to defraud other people. This means that key evidence such as emails, text messages, or even letters could be essential to a case.

A Prince William County fraud lawyer could explain relevant laws, fight to exclude illegally obtained evidence, and promote a powerful defense strategy in court. Contact an experienced legal representative today to see how they might be able to help you.