Prince William County Reckless Driving Lawyer

Virginia has notoriously strict traffic laws. What might be a simple traffic infraction in other states can garner a reckless driving charge in Virginia. Instead of a traffic citation that can be resolved simply by mailing in a small fine, a person charged with reckless driving faces a misdemeanor charge punishable by driver’s license suspension, large fines, and even jail time. If you are criminally charged following a serious traffic offense, it is important to find experienced legal counsel to help you handle your case. A Prince William reckless driving lawyer can represent you at your court appearances, skillfully launching a defense that can protect your driving privileges and prevent the most serious consequences of a Virginia reckless driving charge. Our legal team also handles other kinds of criminal charges in Prince William County.

Reckless Driving Offenses

It is hard to find someone who has never been pulled over for a traffic citation. For most people, these traffic stops result in a traffic citation that is little more than an expensive nuisance. However, if your traffic offense is deemed serious enough, you will be charged with reckless driving. Traffic crimes considered reckless driving include:

  • Speeding – in excess of 20 mph above the posted limit or in excess of 80 mph regardless of the posted limit
  • Failure to Yield – failing to yield at a traffic sign, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle
  • Passing Illegally – passing on a curve, passing a stopped school bus, passing two vehicles abreast
  • Aggressive Driving – weaving in and out of traffic or across lanes
  • Drag Racing

While some of these actions, such as racing or excessive speed, seem reckless or aggressive, others seem merely careless or inattentive. For otherwise law-abiding citizens, facing a criminal charge for a traffic violation can seem harsh. It is important that you do not plead guilty to a criminal traffic offense without first seeking the advice of a competent Prince William County reckless driving attorney. Our office is ready to thoroughly evaluate your case to determine which legal options will be appropriate for your defense

Building a Defense

As a Class I misdemeanor, reckless driving carries the same potential penalties as driving under the influence. A conviction can lead to a maximum fine of $2,500, a jail term of up to one year, and a six-month suspension of the driver’s license. Reckless driving also brings administrative penalties including six points against the driving record and may necessitate a driver to carry high-risk insurance with costly premiums. Prince William County reckless driving lawyers are empowered to represent you in court, which may be particularly important for out-of-state drivers charged with reckless driving in Virginia. Our reckless driving lawyers know the potential ramifications of your charge and work diligently to offer a quality defense that can help you maintain your driving privileges and protect you from a criminal record.

Benefits of An Attorney

A Prince William reckless driving attorney will represent clients before the Prince William General District Court located at 9311 Lee Avenue in Manassas. Our team is experienced at handling tough cases in the local courts, and they are equipped to handle your defense. When you need a reckless driving lawyer in Prince William County, you can rely on your attorney to provide effective representation.

Contact A Prince William County Reckless Driving Attorney

Serious traffic charges should not be taken lightly. Pleading guilty to reckless driving charges can lead to a criminal conviction that can complicate your life long after the penalties have been paid. For a free evaluation of your case by a top-quality Prince William reckless driving lawyer, call today.