What To Expect From a Prince William County Reckless Driving Case

The easiest way to simply the reckless driving process is by hiring a Prince William County reckless driving lawyer. That attorney will speak to the government before their case is called on the day of their trial date and will learn from the government what it is exactly that they are saying that makes the conduct allegedly reckless. Once they have that information usually the attorney will present their side of things to the government and in an effort to try to mitigate their client’s exposure will definitely try to work out some kind of plea agreement with the government that does not involve reckless driving.

While all of this is going on the client is patiently waiting and eventually the attorney will go and speak to the client and tell the client how that conversation went with the government and collectively they will make a decision as to where to go from there. The three options would be to stick with what the government is offering, turn down what the government is offering and plead guilty and ask for a more lenient sentence from the court, or take the case to trial.

What Should Someone Be Prepared For?

That is really on a case by case basis, because it depends on the nature of the driving that they are saying makes it reckless, as to what they should expect the outcome will be when they go to court. So it is very difficult to say what the individual should be prepared for without knowing more about their specific case. As a general rule, you should expect that you will be in the courthouse for most of the morning if not all morning and that is really the only expectation that can be offered to somebody without knowing more about the individual case.

How Does Prince William County Treat Reckless Driving Cases?

It depends on the nature of the driving that they are seeing makes it reckless. In certain cases where there is high speed involved and reckless driving, one of those per se statutes that if there is any driving in excess of 20 miles/hour over the speed limit or in excess of 80 miles/hour regardless of the speed limit, it can be treated as reckless driving and if the speed is excessively high, then the person might be facing jail time. Otherwise there is always a possibility of license suspension and certainly steep fines as well as being treated as Class 1 misdemeanor.

Common Misconceptions about Reckless Driving Cases

Some of the most common misconceptions are that people can handle this on their own which is very dangerous thing to do. People very often do not really understand what it is that they are up against when they are charged with something as serious as reckless driving and by the time they figure out it is too late.

Unfortunately, once you are convicted and get past 10 days after the conviction you have lost the right to appeal, and there is nothing that can be done.