Manassas Prostitution Attorney

An arrest for prostitution or solicitation of prostitution can be overwhelming.  You might be concerned about the toll such an arrest may have on your family; you may be confused about the best steps to take to defend against criminal charges.  While the idea of spending time in jail can be quite frightening, you may be even more worried about how a prostitution or solicitation arrest will affect your relationships and your reputation.  A Manassas prostitution lawyer can help you through this stressful time, handling your case with care and discretion while working aggressively to protect your rights as a defendant.

Types of Offenses

At its simplest form, prostitution is the exchange of money for sexual favors, an act which illegal almost everywhere in the United States.  In Virginia, offenses related to prostitution may garner either misdemeanor or felony charges:

  • Prostitution – a Class I misdemeanor resulting from providing sex or sexual services in return for compensation
  • Solicitation – a Class I misdemeanor resulting from offering or attempting to offer payment in exchange for sex or sexual services
  • Pandering – a Class 4 felony resulting from pimping, the procuring of a prostitute or receiving the earnings of a prostitute

Considered the most serious prostitution offense, pandering is punishable by fines of up to $100,000 and a maximum prison sentence of 10 years.  Prostitution and solicitation, often seen as “victimless crimes,” are misdemeanors punishable by a fine of up to $2,500 and a jail term of up to one year.  Solicitation, or the attempt to engage in prostitution, carries the same penalties as prostitution itself, even if no sexual contact occurs from the attempt.

A Manassas prostitution attorney is equipped with the knowledge and experience to protect clients all through the course of challenging criminal cases.  Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your arrest, she can provide a skillful defense that helps your case reach its optimal outcome.

Prostitution and Solicitation Defense in Manassas

Legislators, police, and prosecutors like to take a hard line against prostitution.  In an effort to appear “tough on crime,” law enforcement agencies often stage elaborate undercover operations for the purpose of arresting a large number of individuals engaging in prostitution or soliciting prostitution. In these prostitution stings, police investigators use decoys—either undercover officers or false classified ads—to attract the attention of people attempting to pay for sex.  Such operations must be conducted carefully to avoid entrapment, or an illegal arrest.  Manassas prostitution lawyers pay special attention to the procedures governing a prostitution ring, as any illegal maneuvers on the part of law enforcement can result in a dismissal of the case against a solicitation defendant. A Manassas prostitution attorney can carefully scrutinize all details of your arrest to determine if your rights were violated at any stage.

Consult a Prostitution Lawyer in Manassas

When you appear before the General District Court for Prince William County, it is important to have the counsel and representation of a knowledgeable and resourceful defense attorney on your side.  When you need a prostitution lawyer in Manassas, Virginia, trust the experience of our prostitution defense attorneys.  If you have been arrested for prostitution or solicitation of prostitution, schedule a free, confidential consultation to find out how we can help you.