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When you are facing misdemeanor or felony drug charges, finding a Manassas drug attorney equipped to handle your case is the most important step in any successful defense. With prosecutors and legislators working aggressively to take a tough stance against drug crimes, those convicted of such offenses are often subject to stringent penalties. Though the severity of punishment for conviction varies according to the type and quantity of drug in question, all Manassas drug charges carry the potential for jail or prison time.

If you have been accused of simple marijuana possession, possession of narcotics or controlled substances such as cocaine and crystal meth, or possession with intent to distribute, a Manassas drug lawyer can protect you from overzealous prosecutors seeking to make an example of you. Prosecutors, police officers, and judges all treat drug charges rather severely. He can work to protect your rights and privileges by offering aggressive defense against misdemeanor and felony drug charges.

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The repercussions you face if convicted of a drug offense in Manassas can have a lasting impact on your life. Even a misdemeanor drug conviction can carry a penalty of up to one year in jail; felony convictions are much more severe. Both leave the convicted person with a criminal record that can inhibit future opportunities. Drug charges that you could potentially face in Manassas, Virginia include:

Police officers and prosecutors look at various factors to determine what level of possession they should charge someone with. They need to consider all evidence to prove their charges. The type and quantity of the drug in question can also influence the severity of the charges. In Virginia, illegal narcotics are classified into six schedules. They are ranked according to their likelihood for the user to develop dependency and their accepted medical use. The Code of Virginia Title 54.1 Chapter 34 outlines the various drug schedules and provides details as to why the substances are placed in each of those schedules.

Section 18.2-250 defines the offense of unlawful drug possession. Possession of a Schedule I or II drug, which are considered to be the most addictive substances with little to no accepted medical application, is considered a Class 5 felony. A Class 5 felony offense in Virginia is punishable by a jail term of one to five years and a fine of up to $2,500 according to Section 18.2-10 of the Virginia Code.

The manufacture, sale, distribution, or possession with the intent to manufacture, sell, give, or distribute a controlled substance is a separate criminal offense, and it is defined in Section 18.2-248. Individuals are are charged with this offense involving a Schedule I or II controlled substance face a felony conviction with a potential penalty of five to 40 years behind bars and a fine of up to $500,000. For a second or subsequent offense, the individual faces a possible jail sentence of five years to life.

Although marijuana is considered a Schedule I substance, the laws in Virginia treat it as though it was in its own category. Potential penalties for marijuana-related criminal convictions vary in accordance with the perceived severity of the offense. For example:

  • Marijuana possession (first offense) – fine of up to $500 and/or up to 30 days in jail
  • Marijuana possession (subsequent offense) – fine of up to $2,500 and/or up to one year in jail
  • Possession of marijuana with intent to distribute (less than five pounds) – up to 10 years in prison
  • Possession of marijuana with intent to distribute (more than five pounds) – five to 30 years in prison

Given the numerous types of drug offenses you could potentially face in Manassas and the varying degree of severity of the penalties, it is unwise to attempt to fight a drug charge alone. The laws surrounding the drug schedules, drug amounts, and activities that make up a criminal offense are extremely complex and are best understood by seasoned legal professionals. In order to give yourself the best chance for a positive outcome in your case, contact a qualified Manassas drug attorney if you have been accused of a drug-related offense.

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Through careful scrutiny of the details of a case, Donna can develop the optimal defense strategy, whether that means aggressive pursuit of a dismissal in light of illegal police procedures, negotiating reduced charges or minimal sentencing, or working diligently to assert a defendant’s innocence. If you find yourself in need of the representation and counsel of a drug lawyer in Manassas, one of our attorneys can provide the quality legal defense crucial for a positive outcome. To defend yourself from possible ramifications, it is important to hire an attorney right away. Virginia drug offenses are vigorously prosecuted, and you deserve an attorney who will work just as vigorously to protect you.

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A drug arrest does not have to lead to a drug conviction. You have options for fighting against any criminal charges you face. To schedule a free evaluation of your case, call our office today.