Fairfax Student Defense Lawyer

If college students are facing university conduct code violations, it can threaten their academic futures. If these individuals also are facing criminal prosecution, the situation can become even grave. A Fairfax student defense lawyer could be essential to building an effective defense to allegations of misconduct on campus and in the courtroom.

Whether college disciplinary proceedings arise from accusations of committing a criminal offense or non-criminal misconduct, students risk losing scholarships, suspension, and expulsion. When combined with the potential results of a criminal prosecution, even their freedom is at stake. A criminal defense lawyer may be able to successfully defend students accused of wrongdoing in both university conduct code and criminal proceedings.

College Student Conduct Code Violations

Most college students and their families are unfamiliar with student conduct code or university disciplinary rules until the school has accused the students of violations.

As the resulting proceedings differ among schools, the lack of procedural safeguards, incomplete investigations, and reliance solely on the allegations of others can be shocking for students and their families to discover. When faced with accusations of misconduct, students and parents may wish to strongly consider calling a student defense lawyer in Fairfax for assistance.

While no two schools have the same procedures, there are some commonalities between disciplinary proceedings at different colleges and universities. Panels of administrative officials and students often hold hearings and make decisions in student disciplinary cases.

Students accused of wrongdoing have no right to an attorney, no right to a presumption of innocence until proven guilty, and no rules of evidence to ensure the reliability of testimony and documentary evidence against them.

Sources of College Student Disciplinary Proceedings

In some cases, student conduct violations arise from academic misconduct, such as alleged plagiarism or cheating on exams or papers. Disciplinary proceedings also may result when students violate campus rules and regulations, such as pranks that result in vandalism or property damage.

Student conduct proceedings also can stem from a criminal arrest. College students can face arrest and charges for any criminal offense, as they typically are adults who are over the age of 18. Nonetheless, some criminal arrests involve college students more often than others, many of which are related to illegal alcohol consumption.

Alcohol is a staple of college life for many students, who may drink to excess regularly, whether at on-campus parties or off-campus bars and clubs. Excessive alcohol use can result in arrests for DWI, underage consumption and possession of alcohol, and attempts to buy alcohol by minors, often with fake IDs. When law enforcement authorities arrest college students for criminal offenses, student disciplinary proceedings often will follow.

In some situations, students may be able to overcome criminal arrests and charges, such as deferred prosecution, deferred sentencing, and insufficient evidence to sustain criminal charges. Even if they can successfully resolve their criminal cases, however, the mere existence of a criminal arrest can be enough to result in accusations of misconduct within the college or university system.

Facing the Repercussions of College Conduct Code Violations

Student disciplinary proceedings, whether based on campus misconduct or criminal offenses, can have harsh results. The potential consequences of these proceedings may include:

• Loss of student housing
• Inability to participate in student activities and sporting events
• Academic probation and loss of college credits
• Suspension and expulsion

Furthermore, the presence of a permanent black mark on college records can result in difficulties that last beyond college attendance. Individuals may have a harder time seeking admission to graduate or professional schools, gaining access to internships and research opportunities, and finding employment. Representation by a student defense lawyer in Fairfax may be able to make a difference in the outcome of student conduct code proceedings.

Enlist the Help of a Fairfax Student Defense Attorney Today

While it may be tempting to plead guilty to allegations of criminal wrongdoing and attempt to put the incident behind you as quickly as possible, that is rarely the best option. As a college student, you face unique repercussions that may be highly damaging to your academic and professional future.

In this situation, a Fairfax student defense lawyer may be able to help you avoid or minimize the risk of these potential consequences.

When you are facing accusations of misconduct on campus, in the courtroom, or both venues, you may be overwhelmed and unsure how to handle the situation. Getting the advice of legal counsel as early as possible in these proceedings can be crucial to mounting an effective defense.