Fairfax Drug Lawyer

Drug charges are very common within the Virginia legal system. According to the Fairfax County Police Department, over 5,000 people were charged with drug-related offenses in 2012. Depending on the type and quantity of the controlled dangerous substance, and the actions taken with it, you could be facing serious fines or jail time. That is why it is crucial for you to contact an experienced Virginia drug attorney, one who can immediately begin reviewing all the facets of your case and working to craft the best possible defense. The Fairfax County criminal defense lawyers with our office have the drive and dedication to take on your fight and will work hard to protect your rights and serve your best interests.

Fairfax Drug Lawyers Can Help With Possession Charges

Drug possession penalties are not normally as severe as those for manufacturing or distribution; still, they have the potential to seriously alter the life of the convicted party. Controlled substances are broken into five separate groups, or “schedules,” with Schedule I and II substances, such as heroin, PCP, or MDMA (ecstasy), classified as being the most potentially harmful to individuals whilst having the lowest potential medicinal value. Under Virginia law, if a person intentionally possesses a Schedule I or Schedule II controlled substance without having a valid medical permit, he or she can be found guilty of a class 5 felony and sentenced to between one and 10 years in prison, or – at the discretion of the court or jury trying the case – up to 12 months in jail and a fine of up to $2,500. Marijuana possession is a misdemeanor offense punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a fine of up to $500 – however, for repeat offenders, the jail term can be increased to up to 12 months and the fine to up to $2,500.

Possession in the eye of the law doesn’t always mean that you have something in your hand. You could go for a ride with a friend and be charged with possession of drugs that were in the car before you got in. A person could be at home and get charged with drugs that someone else brought onto their property. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your possession charge, it’s important to protect yourself by finding experienced legal representation with a Fairfax County drug lawyer.

These charges are taken very seriously and can have a serious long-lasting impact on someone’s life and criminal record. Contact a Fairfax drug attorney as soon as possible to discuss defending your case in court.

Drug Manufacture or Distribution

Being arrested with certain quantities of a controlled substance (the amount varies from substance to substance) in your possession can be viewed as “possession with intent to distribute” and may bring charges of drug distribution irrespective of whether or not you actually gave or sold the substance to others. These charges carry the possibility for serious penalties and are likewise prosecuted vigorously, so it is important that you have an experienced Fairfax County drug lawyer working for you. For most Schedule I and Schedule II controlled substances, those found guilty of manufacturing or distribution of illegal drugs may be sentenced to a prison term of five to 40 years and be fined up to $500,000. A second offense can subject a person to five years to life in prison and up to a $500,000 fine. After a third conviction, the penalty can range from 10 years to life.

The Advantages of a Fairfax Drug Lawyer

Such charges are serious, as are the potential consequences if you fail to secure an experienced and tenacious attorney who understands the rules and traditions of the Fairfax County court system. Familiarity with the local courts is one of your best chance for optimal results in your case. Contact our Fairfax County law offices, where our team of attorneys can walk you step-by-step through this complicated and intimidating process. Our Fairfax County drug attorneys understand not only the law, but the emotional strain of what you are going through, and your initial consultation is free if you or someone you love is facing a drug charge in Fairfax County contact us today. If you need a criminal defense attorney to assist with another kind of criminal charge, please learn more here.