Dumfries Marijuana Lawyer

Marijuana is viewed very differently today than it was 20 years ago, when smoking marijuana was somewhat stigmatized by the population as a whole. Nowadays there are some states that have legalized it for recreational use, while many other states have legalized it for limited uses such as medical marijuana.

It is very clear that the stigma is going away for the possession of and consumption of marijuana. For that reason, there are more people using it now than there was 20 years ago, and because so many people are using it even though it is illegal, more people in Virginia are charged with it. However, despite it’s common use it is still illegal and conviction has serious consequences thereby making it important that those charged consult with a Dumfries marijuana lawyer immediately.

Enforcement of These Offenses

The number one thing that police officers are focused on in Dumfries is marijuana. The number one way that they have been trained to look for it is by using their nose. Law enforcement officers are not like drug dogs, but marijuana has a very distinct odor and if an officer pulls over a car full of people that have been smoking marijuana the officer can probably still smell it on them even if they have not been smoking it in the car.

It is not that hard to tell when somebody has been smoking marijuana. For that reason, they have essentially been given the green light by the courts in Virginia to search a person’s vehicle anytime they detect the odor of marijuana. Further, anytime a criminal charge involves a search and seizure, an experienced Dumfries marijuana lawyer should be involved to investigate any potential Fourth Amendment concerns.


Drug charges, especially for young people, can be very intimidating because they have their whole lives in front of them, they have careers which they need to build and any drug conviction can be seen as a stigma in the workplace. Marijuana may not be socially stigmatized like it once was, but potential employers are not going to like to see any kind of drug-related charge on a background check. Someone should always be concerned about any interaction with law enforcement especially if it involves drugs.

Most people are not aware that any interaction with law enforcement that involves a drug charge can, and almost always will, result in a loss of license for six months in Virginia. That is another reason people are intimidated–because even though it is considered to be a very minor offense, they can still end with a six-month loss of license even for possession of a tiny amount of marijuana.

Many people do not realize that and when they do, it is daunting and it is an uphill task to try to deal with that charge and its consequences. Therefore, a Dumfries marijuana lawyer is absolutely crucial when dealing with these charges.