Dumfries Drug Lawyer

Drug laws can cover a wide number of offenses ranging from possession of drug paraphernalia such as a smoking device or wrapping device or something similar all the way up to and including possession with the intent to distribute or actual distribution. Further, it can also include even more significant crimes such as transportation of drugs into the Commonwealth. Regardless of the level of offense, however, all drug crimes in Virginia can be serious, making it important those accused consult with a Dumfries drug lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced defense attorney can work on building a defense and ensuring those accused know what to expect.

Illegal Drugs

Illegal drugs are those that are on the Schedules of drugs prescribed by the government such as Schedule 1 or 2 like cocaine, heroin, PCP, meth, all the way down to things like marijuana which is still illegal in the Commonwealth of Virginia. However, there are other drugs that can be illegal under certain circumstances. There are drugs that can be legally prescribed to someone, but if possessed by someone who does not have a prescription, then that is illegal.

There’s no recourse per se under Virginia law for a person taking more of a drug than is prescribed by their physician. As long as they come upon those drugs in a way that is legal, there should be no consequence. For example, if you take two or three pills instead of one, as long as you have attained those pills in a legal way, there are no consequences under Virginia law.

People tend to run into problems, however, when they are legally prescribed a certain drug and then find themselves becoming addicted to that drug. If they become addicted to that drug, they might seek to obtain that drug through other means which are not legitimate. However, if you have a valid prescription for a drug and you take that drug contrary to the way it is prescribed then there cannot be any consequences under Virginia law.

Medical Marijuana

Virginia is not a state where we have medical marijuana or any other kind of exception to marijuana laws. However, there are drugs that can be legally possessed in Virginia that can be prescribed by a doctor. This can include opiates, pain killers, anxiety medications, and things of that nature.

Common Drug Crimes

The most common crime in Dumfries that involves drugs is possession of marijuana. The police in Dumfries are always looking out for marijuana in every single traffic stop and every single citizen encounter. They’re always checking to see if they can detect an odor of marijuana and if they do detect an odor of marijuana, they will begin to search, whether it be a vehicle or the person on whom they smell it. Marijuana has a very distinct odor. If the police think that they smell marijuana, most judges in Dumfries will say that that odor is sufficient probable cause to search the vehicle or a person. Anytime someone has an encounter with a police officer that is worrisome, they should contact a Dumfries drug attorney immediately.

Hiring a Dumfries Drug Attorney

Crimes that occur in Dumfries are prosecuted by the Prince William County Commonwealth attorney’s office and this specific attorney’s office takes all drug cases very, very seriously. If a person is prosecuted in Prince William County for a crime involving drugs that occurs in Dumfries, they should expect to be vigorously prosecuted with little regard or mitigation. A Dumfries drug attorney can, however, can help provide mitigating evidence and explore the possibilities of what if any defenses might be present.