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If you find yourself facing assault charges in Dale City, it is important to find an attorney to represent you as soon as possible. Often, assault charges are filed based on evidence that may not reveal the truth of the situation. Police may determine the instigator and the victim by considering evidence such as who reported the incident to police or who has the most significant physical injuries. Such evidence is often subjective, and a person merely acting in self-defense may find him or herself under arrest for assault. Whether a confrontation got out of hand, you were acting in self-defense, or both parties were equally responsible and criminal charges are not warranted, having the proven skills of a Dale City assault lawyer on your side is advantageous for your defense.

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Assault Charges in Dale City

An experienced criminal attorney has represented clients in both misdemeanor and felony assault cases, including assault and battery and aggravated assault. Through careful investigation, analysis, and litigation, he determines the optimal defense strategy for each unique case. He listens closely to his clients and offers legal counsel to help each defendant make the wisest decisions about his or her case. Possible defense strategies include:

  • Arguing for dismissal when the evidence does not support a criminal charge
  • Negotiating a reduced charge when the offense does not merit the severity of the charge
  • Negotiating favorable sentencing options to help keep you out of jail
  • Aggressively pursuing acquittal at trial

Typically, Virginia assault charges are filed as Class I misdemeanors. Under certain circumstances, however, the offense may be charged as a felony or may be subject to enhanced penalties such as mandatory minimum jail sentences. Aggravating factors include hate crimes; assault which results in significant injury; use of a weapon; or assault against certain individuals including law enforcement officers, emergency personnel, teachers, and school administrators performing their duties. Experienced Dale City assault lawyers are skilled at determining the differences between the various assault charges and are knowledgeable of the best defense practices for each.

Your assault charge does not have to end in criminal conviction. Call our office to explore options for your defense.

When You Need a Dale City Assault Lawyer

Most Dale City assault cases are heard at the Prince William General District Court, which is located at 9311 Lee Avenue in Manassas, Virginia. It is important to find an assault lawyer in Dale City who is experienced in the local courthouse and who has the knowledge and resources to launch a skillful defense on your behalf.

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If you are facing a Virginia assault charge, you are about to embark on a complex legal journey. Failing to find adequate legal counsel and representation can leave you with a criminal conviction, significant legal penalties, and personal consequences. An experienced and aggressive Dale City assault lawyer has the knowledge and the track record to make a difference for your case. Call today to schedule a free, confidential evaluation.