Dale City Fraud Lawyer

A conviction for fraud can have a negative impact on various aspects of a person’s life. In addition to the immediate penalties for a fraud conviction, it could be more difficult to obtain employment and housing after a conviction. You should not take a fraud charge lightly, even if you believe that there is insufficient evidence for a conviction.

A criminal defense attorney may be able to provide valuable assistance throughout the legal process. Facing a fraud charge can be stressful, but having someone on your side to represent your interests could ease your worries. Contact a Dale City fraud lawyer for advice regarding your case.

Typical Types of Fraud Charges

There are many types of fraud under Virginia law. Generally, offenses which fall under the category of fraud involve deception in some way. The following types of fraud are common in criminal cases:

  • Identity theft
  • Forgery
  • Writing bad checks
  • Making false statements to secure credit
  • Credit card theft
  • Money laundering
  • Modifying transcripts or diplomas
  • Identity fraud

The defenses which may be available to the accused depend on the specific type of fraud offense. Most fraud offenses, however, involve an element of intent. If an individual did not intend to commit fraud, they may be able to build a defense on that basis. Consultation with a fraud lawyer in Dale City could aid in an individual’s understanding of the charge against them and the types of evidence which the prosecution must present in order to convict them of that offense.

Felony or Misdemeanor Fraud Convictions

In Virginia, an individual who is convicted of fraud may face jail time or fines, or both, depending on the nature of the offense. A fraud conviction could be either a felony or misdemeanor. Having a Dale City fraud attorney review an individual’s case and work to get a reduction could be beneficial.

There are several classes of felonies with varying punishments and penalties. Class 4 felonies and Class 6 felonies are common classifications for fraud offenses. Class 4 felonies may be punishable by a sentence of two to ten years and a fine of up to $100,000. A Class 6 felony may result in a sentence of one to five years and a fine not to exceed $2,500.

There are four classes of misdemeanors. Class 3 and Class 4 misdemeanors carry a fine while Class 1 and Class 2 misdemeanors could involve both a fine and jail time.

Whether a fraud offense is characterized as a felony or a misdemeanor could depend on the amount of the loss. If a fraud offense results in a loss of over $200, the punishment may be more severe. It could be important to consider factors such as the amount of the loss and the accused’s criminal history (if any) when facing a fraud charge. Whether an indiviudal is facing a misdemeanor or a felony, they should reach out to an accomplished defense lawyer.

Let a Dale City Fraud Attorney Assist

It could be difficult to predict how severe the penalties may be for a fraud conviction, without the assistance of an attorney. Being charged with fraud could be stressful, but you do not have to handle your legal situation alone. Do not hesitate to contact a Dale City fraud lawyer for help if you are facing any type of charge involving fraud.