Culpeper County Robbery Lawyer

Robbery is a serious violent felony in Virginia and, as such, the punishment upon conviction is confinement in prison for a term not less than five years. The punishment for a robbery conviction in Virginia may be as severe as life imprisonment.

If you have been charged with robbery, you should contact an experienced Culpeper County robbery lawyer as soon as you find out that you are being charged or investigated. Such a theft defense lawyer can run interference with the investigation, prevent the government from obtaining evidence without the proper means, and manage the investigation from the defendant’s side. Such case management increases the individual’s chances of a successful defense.

Definition of Robbery

The Code of Virginia defines robbery as a theft-related offense that includes violence or threat thereof. Essentially, robbery is the taking of a good, service, or money by the use of force or by threat of the use of force. Robbery is theft. However, robbery has the additional required element of force or violence, or the threat thereof.

Because robbery is considered a violent felony, robbery is always considered a more severe crime than is theft.

Building a Defense

A lawyer may leverage his or her experience by referring back to previous cases he or she has directly managed. Such references enable him or her to point out any similarities that might exist between his or her previous cases and the current case and allow the lawyer to determine whether or not there are any transferable skills that worked previously and may be applicable to the current case. This, in turn, allows a robbery lawyer in Culpeper to provide the best available defense.

It is important to remember that the practice of law is an evolving practice. Each lawyer learns and evolves throughout the course of his or her career. Every case that a lawyer has under his or her belt helps that lawyer in all future cases as prior experience helps to inform him of her of skills and strategies that help and hinder a case’s outcome.

Importance of a Robbery Attorney

An individual charged with robbery in Culpeper faces a prison sentence between five years and life. For that reason and that reason alone, any person who has been charged with robbery should hire a lawyer to help mitigate any potential negative consequences and reduce possible prison sentences.

The top two qualities in a Culpeper County robbery lawyer are aggressiveness and experience. Any criminal lawyer who is going to be representing a defendant in a robbery charge needs to be somebody who has a tremendous amount of experience in handling serious violent felony charges. Only someone who has actually tried these cases multiple times has the experience necessary to provide a strong defense. The most important thing a person who has been charged with robbery can do is to sign an experienced attorney who is aggressive and willing to take the case to trial if the government is not willing to negotiate a favorable outcome.

Contact a Culpeper County Robbery Attorney

The moment an individual learns that law enforcement is looking into him or her for any reason, he or she should reach out to an experienced criminal lawyer. An attorney with experience in Culpeper County robbery cases can ensure that his or her client’s rights are protected during the government’s investigation from the beginning.

When a person contacts a criminal lawyer about robbery charges, he or she should have available any information that can inform the attorney regarding the facts and circumstances surrounding the investigation or the charge. A Culpeper County robbery lawyer will want to know as much information as possible; any information an individual leaves out will likely hurt his or her lawyer’s ability to provide an adequate defense.