Building a Defense for Assault in Woodbridge

Every case is unique and every case has its own set of facts associated with the allegations of the assault. The most important thing that a lawyer can do to defend a client from an assault charge is to find out exactly what the victim is saying and whether or not the victim’s statement would constitute an assault in order to build a defense for the client.

The lawyer might find that the alleged victim of the assault made multiple statements about the event that contain inconsistencies as to how the event took place. Those are things that can be used to potentially discredit the complaining witness. Additionally, there could be evidence gathered from other people who might have been present at the time the alleged assault took place and their recollections of the event leading to the charge might be very different from those of the alleged victim. So, collecting facts, statements, and any other evidence is critical to building a defense in Woodbridge for an assault charge.

Gathering Evidence

In assault cases, the most important evidence is usually testimonial in nature. This means finding out who else might have witnessed the alleged assault or the event that led to the person being charged, and hearing their version of the events.

In some cases, there might be other pieces of evidence, such as text messages, photographs, e-mails, or posts on social media from people who might have seen the assault, which shed light on what might have really happened.

Challenging a Prosecutor’s Case

There are many ways to challenge the prosecution’s case in an assault charge. The first way is to challenge the testimony of the eye-witnesses who claim to have seen what took place. They might have a bias against the defendant. They might have misunderstood what took place. They might not have seen the entire event.

Also, intent to commit an assault is an important element. It is required for the government to prove their case. For that reason, any evidence or information that can be presented to a Woodbridge court to further build a defense to refute whether the defendant intended to commit an assault would be extremely important in defending a case.

Another possible defense might be self-defense. If the defendant felt in fear of a pending battery, that person would have the right to use a reasonable amount of force or a threat of a reasonable amount of force to deter the pending battery.

Benefits of Hiring an Assault Lawyer

Working with a lawyer that has dealt with hundreds of assault cases will help your case tremendously, because while every case is different, the more experience a lawyer has, the more common elements that lawyer will have seen in his career. A skilled Woodbridge lawyer will help to navigate how to build an effective defense against assault charges. For these reasons demonstrating experience, the lawyer will be able to know how best to proceed in your case, because it is likely that the lawyer will have seen cases similar to yours during the course of his career and know how best to fight for your rights.